Definition of Average:

  1. The apportionment of financial liability resulting from loss of or damage to a ship or its cargo.

  2. A number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number.

  3. Securities trading: Appropriately weighted mean of a basket of selected securities representing general market behavior. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), which measures the performance of the stocks of 30 the largest US corporations, is one well-known example.

  4. Marine insurance: Average means partial (loss); particular-average loss is borne by one party, and general-average loss is shared by all concerned. Now largely replaced with institute cargo clauses A, B, or C.

  5. Constituting the result obtained by adding together several quantities and then dividing this total by the number of quantities.

  6. Achieve or amount to as an average rate or amount over a period of time.

  7. Quality control: Most common expression of the centering of a distribution computed by dividing the total observed values by the number of observations.

  8. General insurance: The term subject to average means that if the sum insured at the time of a loss is less than the insurable value of the insured property, the amount claimed under the policy will be reduced in proportion to the under-insurance. Also called average clause. See also coinsurance.

  9. General: Number or quantity that is in-between (intermediate to) several quantities and numbers. See also mean.

Synonyms of Average

Mean, Median, Medial, Middle, Everyman, Public, Accustomed, Amidships, As a rule, Average man, Average out, Avoid extremes, Balance, Banal, Besetting, Bisect, Bourgeois, Center, Central, Common, Common man, Common run, Commonplace, Conventional, Core, Current, Customarily, Customary, Dominant, Double, Epidemic, Equatorial, Equidistant, Everyday, Everyman, Everywoman, Fair, Fairish, Familiar, Fold, Garden, Garden-variety, General, Generality, Generally, Girl next door, Golden mean, Habitual, Halfway, Happy medium, Homme moyen sensuel, Household, In the main, Indifferent, Interior, Intermediary, Intermediate, Juste-milieu, Mean, Medial, Median, Mediocre, Mediocrity, Mediterranean, Medium, Mesial, Mezzo, Mid, Middle, Middle course, Middle ground, Middle point, Middle position, Middle state, Middle-class, Middle-of-the-road, Middlemost, Middling, Midland, Midmost, Midpoint, Midships, Midway, Moderate, No great shakes, Norm, Normal, Normally, Normative, Nuclear, Ordinarily, Ordinary, Ordinary Joe, Ordinary run, Pair off, Pandemic, Par, Plastic, Popular, Predominant, Predominating, Prescriptive, Prevailing, Prevalent, Rampant, Regnant, Regular, Regulation, Reigning, Rife, Routine, Ruck, Rule, Ruling, Run, Run-of-mine, Run-of-the-mill, Running, So so, So-so, Split the difference, Standard, Stereotyped, Stock, Strike a balance, Suburban, Take the average, Typical, Typically, Undistinguished, Unexceptional, Universal, Unnoteworthy, Unremarkable, Unspectacular, Usual, Usually, Vernacular, Via media, Wonted, Mean, Median, Mode, Midpoint, Centre

How to use Average in a sentence?

  1. The height of the average American male is about 57, while the height of the average Japanese male is 56.
  2. The average temperature in May was 64°F.
  3. The housing prices there are twice the national average.
  4. The average age at which people become parents seems to be getting higher as more emphasis is being placed on establishing careers before starting families.
  5. Particular average signifies the damage or partial loss happening to the ship, or cargo, or freight.
  6. Annual inflation averaged 2.4 percent.
  7. The average American household usually contains a married couple and at least two children who all live in the same house.

Meaning of Average & Average Definition

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Slab Basement
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General practice doctor
Public dumpster
How much do teachers make a year
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Small group
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How to become an air marshal
Cement driveway
How much do bookkeepers make
How Long does Shein Take to Deliver
How much does a small tattoo cost
How to start a car rental business
Shih Tzu Life Span
Forensic psychology requirements
Cheeseburger in a can
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How to join a union
Psychiatry schools
Clinical coordinator
How much do welders make an hour
How much do teachers make in florida
Boys over flowers season 2
How to write a nursing diagnosis
Orthodontist assistant
How to solve equations with fractions
How long does it take to lose 50 pounds
Nursing teaching plan
What is the difference
Installing roof shingles
How much does a cna make an hour
Construction degrees
How fast do wind turbines spin
Accredited ekg technician programs near me
Ucla sat requirements
Replacing A Breaker
How to clean screens
Make your own postcard
What is a personal shopper
Associates in nursing salary
How to become a gynecologist
Frosted flakes calories
Pcv hose
Novitec wifi booster
What is a technical school
How to clean air conditioner filter
How long does it take to become a neurosurgeon
How long does it take to be a dental hygienist
Pharmacy technician classes online free
Aesthetician school
What is iridium
Savings account definition
Dissertation vs thesis
How to change an alternator
Rdos aspie quiz
How much do firefighters make in california
How to become a butcher
Eyeglass measurements
Living in a car
Palm lines meaning
How to measure mens chest
Ph formula
Spectrum internet slow
How much does a dental hygienist make in texas
How to become a makeup artist
Facebook software engineer salary
Teddy bear pomeranian
How Much Is A Small Tattoo
How many years is life in prison
How to get a cdl license without going to school
Do eggs have carbs
How much does a veterinarian make an hour
Silver certificate dollar bill 1957
How to hang plants
How Many Times Can You Take The Asvab
How to become a medical esthetician
How to grow strawberries from seeds
How to work for the fbi
Entry level social work jobs
Brake and rotor replacement cost
How to measure flooring
Payed vs paid
Two rotor helicopter
How to build roof trusses
Inside skirt steak
How much do chemical engineers make
Cost performance index
Mba in finance salary
Postmates tip
Product placement definition
Assistant project manager
Rear differential fluid change
Pharmacologist salary
Small waist workout
Market capitalization formula
How to replace subfloor
Texas population by race
Dog grooming classes
Dermatology nurse practitioner salary
Homosapien definition
Fbi Profiler Salary
How to milk a cow
How long does it take to become an emt
Sports doctor
Camaro berlinetta
Do they still make waterbeds
How much does walmart pay stockers
Cane sugar vs granulated sugar
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University of glasgow acceptance rate
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Can you refill a bic lighter
Becoming a dental hygienist
Invalid pregnancy test
Zap surveys
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Golden retriever lifespan
Bathtub Reglazing Cost
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Well Pump Pressure Tank Setup
What time does doordash stop delivering
Where is the transmission fluid
Aluminum fascia
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How to use etc
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Average means,

  • The definition of Average is: Insured condition that requires a proportional reduction in compensation if the insured does not insure for the full value or replacement value of his property.

  • A clause in an insurance contract that, in the case of an insured, limits the insurer's claim to a proportion equal to the sum insured in the contract in relation to the total value of the "insured property".

Meanings of Average

  1. Reach or arrive as an average rank or value for a given period of time.

  2. A number that represents the central or general value in a set of data, specifically the mode, median, or (most often) meaning value, which is the sum of the values ​​in the set by their sum Is calculated by dividing.

  3. Transfer of financial responsibility for damage or financial loss to the ship or its cargo.

  4. Sort the results by adding some quantities and then divide that number by the sum of the quantities.

Sentences of Average

  1. 2.4% average annual inflation

  2. Household prices are twice the national average

  3. Special average means partial loss or damage to a ship, cargo or goods.

  4. The average temperature in May is 64 ° F


How To Define Average?

  • The definition of Average is: An insurance condition that requires a proportional reduction in the cost of paying claims if the policyholder has not insured his property for an alternative price or value.

  • Average definition is: A clause in an insurance contract that limits the insurer's compensation in the absence of insurance to a ratio of the sum insured in the contract to the total value of the "insured assets".

Meanings of Average

  1. A number that represents the central or specific value of a dataset, specifically the mode, median, or (often) mean value, which is calculated by dividing the amount of values ​​in the dataset by their amount.

  2. Transfer of financial responsibility for damage or loss to the ship or its cargo.

  3. It adds some quantity to form the result and then divides that number by the sum of the quantities.

  4. Amount during total or average level obtained or average period.

Sentences of Average

  1. The proportion of people over the age of 60 is 19% higher than the EU average

  2. May's average temperature is 4 ° C below normal.

Synonyms of Average

the general run


What Does Average Mean?

  • An insurance condition that requires a proportional reduction in the value of the claim payments if the policyholder has not insured his property for an alternative price or value.

  • Average means, Clause of the insurance contract which, in the case of sub-insurance, limits the insurer's claim to the same proportion of losses as the sum insured in the contract relates to the total value of the "insured property".

Meanings of Average

  1. A number that represents the central or specific value of a dataset, specifically the mode, median, or (often) average value, calculated by dividing the number of values ​​in the dataset by their sum.

  2. This is the result of adding some quantity and then dividing that number by the sum of the quantities.

  3. Total or earned average level or as an amount over an average period of time.

Sentences of Average

  1. The proportion of people over the age of 60 is higher than the EU average of 19%

  2. The average temperature in May is 4 degrees Celsius below normal.