Average Weight For 8 Year Old Boy

Average Weight For 8 Year Old Boy

What is the average weight of a 58 year old boy?

Between 125 and 158, see this table

Everything that makes you happy. If you don't really need muscle, less than 160 pounds is enough. Many people only think about their weight when they think they are healthy or not. For example, I have a friend who weighs 215 pounds and is small but in good condition. You can walk three kilometers in less than thirteen minutes. Basically, you don't gain weight. Your life is healthy.

Ideally 65 to 75 kg. It is better to avoid high numbers.

BMI (Index and M) = weight divided by kilograms

The height result in meters should be between 22 and 25.

Well, for this guy, the average IBW (ideal weight) for 5 feet, which is 106 pounds, so add 6 pounds for every next inch ... so you should weigh 154 pounds. This is just a basis ... because adipose tissue (or so-called tissue) is lighter than muscle tissue. So if you are muscular, expect to be heavier.

Average Weight For 8 Year Old Boy