Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl

Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl

Average waist for teenage girls? ۔

I am 14 years old, weigh 56 kg and have a waist of 27. What if I'm overweight? Is there an easy way to lose belly fat?

You are too young! And the average size of a woman is 32 (chest) 24 (waist) 36 (hip), so you're fine :)

22 inch waist? you're crazy! The average waist size for a teenager is probably 2630 inches, so you're really IMO minimal. For a little girl, who is 5 feet 4 or less, maybe an average of 2, 2,428 inches more. But 22 inches is really small, very few girls can be that small naturally.

At 56 and 107 pounds, you definitely don't want to. If the size sounds too big to you, it's just the shape that's unique. Everyone is around the waist or hips. You can try doing some exercises

I'm 13, 51, 98 pounds and 26, so you're thin. 56 years and everything.

107 doesn't seem like a good number to me.

Average Waist Size For Teenage Girl