Average Length Of Stay

Average Length Of Stay,

Average Length Of Stay: What is the Meaning of Average Length Of Stay?

  • Average Length Of Stay means: (1) Standard hospital statistics are used to determine the average time between patient admission and discharge in a group related to diagnosis (GRD), age group, specific hospital or other factors. (2) Standard hotel statistics are used to determine the average time between patient arrivals and departures.

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Meanings of Average:
  1. A number that represents the central or general value of a set of data, specifically the mode, median, or (more commonly) average value, calculated by dividing the sum of the values ​​in the set by the set Goes

  2. Transfer of financial responsibility for damage or financial loss to the ship or its cargo.

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Sentences of Average
  1. Property prices are double the national average

  2. A certain average means loss or damage to a ship or cargo, goods or parts of cargo.

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  4. Average annual inflation 2.4%

Synonyms of Average

mean, median, mode, midpoint, centre, medial, middle


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  1. Stay in touch and I'll be back

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  4. Do UK courts have jurisdiction to comply with Part 20 proceedings?

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