Average Adjuster

Average Adjuster,

What is The Meaning of Average Adjuster?

  • Experts who determine the responsibilities of the various parties to the maritime community and classify different priced goods into general damage and special damage, ie ship, transport and cargo.

  • A simple definition of Average Adjuster is: International maritime law experts divide the average overhead between ships, cargo and ships, that is, report losses. Abroad, the medium specialist is usually appointed by the shipowners.

Literal Meanings of Average Adjuster


Meanings of Average:
  1. Reach or arrive as an average rank or value for a given period of time.

  2. A number that represents the central or general value in a set of data, specifically the mode, median, or (more commonly) average value, calculated by the sum of the values ​​in the set Is done by dividing.

  3. Transfer of financial responsibility for damage or financial loss to the ship or its cargo.

  4. Sort the result by adding some quantity and then divide the amount by adding the quantity.

Sentences of Average
  1. 2.4% average annual inflation

  2. Household prices are twice the national average

  3. Special average means partial loss or damage to a ship, cargo or goods.

  4. The average temperature in May is 64 ° F

Synonyms of Average

midpoint, median, centre, middle, medial, mode, mean


Sentences of Adjuster
  1. The front seats offer height adjustments as well as labor support and arrests from both sides.

  2. Have you sent an insurance adjuster to check your car?

  3. Air suspension and height adjustment don't work well, which means that when the car is full, the rear suspension gets too deep and scratches the pedestrian.

  4. My husband has worked for my employer since 2001 as a claims manager.