Definition of Availability:

  1. General: The properties of a resource that, if necessary, can be validated, can be used or used to perform a defined or desired function. It is a set of accessible, reliable, maintenance, ease of maintenance and resource protection.

  2. Quality to use or maintain.

  3. Computing: The percentage of time available for computer system use. Formula: uptime x 100% (uptime + downtime)

  4. Quality control: Ability to perform the desired function of an item when necessary.

Synonyms of Availability

Whereness, Physical presence, Practicality, Usefulness, Obtainableness, Immediacy, Occurrence, Approachability, Presence, Profitability, Utilizability, Come-at-ableness, Immanence, Practicability, Applicability, Procurability, Effectiveness, Serviceability, Thereness, Being there, Reachableness, Spiritual presence, Perviousness, Existence, Penetrability, Being here, Accessibility, Functionality, Getatableness, Use, Gettableness, Operability, Actual presence, Helpfulness, Procurableness, Inherence, Efficacy, Efficiency, Obtainability, Hereness, Securableness, Ubiety, Usability, Utility, Practical utility, Indwellingness, Openness, Access

How to use Availability in a sentence?

  1. You need to know when your supplies will be available so you can get them faster when you run out.
  2. If the presence of raw material for a factory that manufactures a particular product cannot be determined, the factory buyer must notify both the factory manager and the company manager. Be sure to determine adequate availability or dedicate more resources before production begins.
  3. The availability of resources in the area was different from other places, so we decided to set up camp there.
  4. Turkish producers face sales losses due to the constant supply of meat.

Meaning of Availability & Availability Definition