Definition of Availability:

  1. General: Characteristic of a resource that is committable, operable, or usable upon demand to perform its designated or required function. It is the aggregate of the resources accessibility, reliability, maintainability, serviceability, and securability.

  2. The quality of being able to be used or obtained.

  3. Computing: Percentage of time a computer system is available for use. Formula: Uptime x 100 ÷ (Uptime + Downtime).

  4. Quality control: Ability of an item to perform its designated function, whenever required.

Synonyms of Availability

Access, Accessibility, Actual presence, Applicability, Approachability, Being here, Being there, Come-at-ableness, Effectiveness, Efficacy, Efficiency, Existence, Functionality, Getatableness, Gettableness, Helpfulness, Hereness, Immanence, Immediacy, Indwellingness, Inherence, Obtainability, Obtainableness, Occurrence, Openness, Operability, Penetrability, Perviousness, Physical presence, Practicability, Practical utility, Practicality, Presence, Procurability, Procurableness, Profitability, Reachableness, Securableness, Serviceability, Spiritual presence, Thereness, Ubiety, Usability, Use, Usefulness, Utility, Utilizability, Whereness

How to use Availability in a sentence?

  1. You must know what the availability of your supplies are so that if you run out you can get more quickly.
  2. If the availability of raw materials for a plant manufacturing a specific product cannot be determined, then the plants buyer has a duty either to inform both the plant manager and company heads of the uncertainty or to commit more resources to determining the precise availability before he/she allows the production to begin.
  3. The availability of the resource in the region was unlike any other location so we decided to build our warehouse there.
  4. Turkey producers had been losing sales because of the all-year-round availability of beef.

Meaning of Availability & Availability Definition