Definition of Avail:

  1. Effect of attempting to reach a goal or purpose, usually used in negative context.

Synonyms of Avail

Abet, Account, Advance, Advantage, Aid, Answer, Applicability, Appositeness, Appropriateness, Assist, Bail out, Be equal to, Be handy, Be of use, Bear, Bear a hand, Befriend, Behalf, Behoof, Benefit, Benison, Bestead, Blessing, Boon, Break no bones, Comfort, Convenience, Do, Do good, Do it, Do no harm, Do the trick, Doctor, Ease, Favor, Fill, Fill the bill, Fitness, Fulfill, Gain, Get by, Give a boost, Give a hand, Give a lift, Give good returns, Give help, Go around, Good, Hack it, Help, Hold, Interest, Just do, Lend a hand, Lend one aid, Make the grade, Meet, Meet requirements, Pass, Pass muster, Pay, Pay off, Percentage, Point, Proffer aid, Profit, Protect, Qualify, Rally, Reach, Reclaim, Redeem, Relevance, Relieve, Remedy, Render assistance, Rescue, Restore, Resuscitate, Revive, Satisfy, Save, Serve, Serve the purpose, Service, Serviceability, Set up, Stand, Stand up, Stretch, Succor, Suffice, Suitability, Take in tow, Take it, Use, Usefulness, Value, Welfare, Well-being, Work, Work for, World of good, Worth, Yield a profit

Meaning of Avail & Avail Definition