Autopage Alarm

Autopage Alarm

How do I reset the autoping warning?

| How to reprogram my autopage remote starter

  1. Get in the car and close the doors and trunk behind you.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition switch and change it from Off to On three times until it ends in the On position after the third cycle.
  3. Press the Autopage alarm control button twice.
  4. Press any button on the remote keyless starter.

How can I reset the car alarm system in this regard?


  1. Unlock the car manually. If the alarm control does not work, use the key immediately.
  2. Turn on the car.
  3. Use general tips.
  4. Disconnect the battery.
  5. Reset the alarm unit.
  6. Remove the alarm fuse.
  7. Press the panic button or buttons on the remote control to stop the alarm.
  8. If problems persist, consult a mechanic.

How can I reset the viper alarm?

If you want to reset the Viper alarm, you can do it with the car key.

  1. Point the remote key at your car while the alarm sounds.
  2. Listen and wait six seconds for the alarm to sound. Press the key lock button. The viper alarm of your vehicles will be reset, but the alarm will remain connected.

How do I turn off the autopaging warning?

Login, logout and panic functions

  1. Press the lock button on the remote control to arm the system.
  2. Press the release button on the remote control to turn off the system.
  3. Press and hold the lock button on the remote control to activate the panic alarm in an emergency.

What is automatic page selection?

With the switch activated, all alarm functions can be temporarily overridden and the transmitter not handed over to valet attendants or workshop mechanics. When the system is in control mode, all alarm functions are bypassed, but the external panic and external lock functions remain active.

Where is the security for the car alarm system?

The fuse for the vehicle alarm is usually located in the fuse box, which is usually located under the hood of the car or under the dashboard of the car. The exact location of the fuse box and the fuse itself can be found in the operating instructions. Once you have located the fuse box, remove the cover.

How to reset a car alarm system without a remote control?

How can I reset and deactivate a car alarm system without a remote control

How do I reset my car?

How to reset a car computer

Can theft prevent the car from starting?

Anti-theft systems are designed to prevent your car from being stolen. These systems are constantly evolving. They mainly work on a separate circuit to prevent the flow of electricity so your car doesn’t start or stop immediately.

Does disconnecting the battery reset the alarm?

This is a last resort as all of the vehicle’s electrical systems will be reset and the vehicle will not start until the battery is reconnected. Disconnect the negative (black) pole of the battery. The alarm should be turned off immediately. If so, try removing the battery cable again.

Why should a car alarm sound for no reason?

Bad connection of the hood lock

Why does the car alarm stop working?

You can also try starting the car to reset the alarm. Step 3: Use the key to lock and unlock. Try putting the key in the door lock and turn the key to the locked position, then turn the key to the unlocked position twice. This allows you to temporarily disable the vehicle alarm while driving.

How do I program the Autopage remote control?

How to reprogram my Autopage remote starter

How do I know which Viper alarm I have?

Viper Support Center.

How can I find the model number of the system in my car?

The model number for your particular system can be found on the front of the instruction manual and sometimes on the original sales receipt.

What is waiter mode for?

Activated mode is a Compustar systems parameter that disables the alarm system and remote starter. This means that the remotes can only maintain keyless access to lock and unlock the doors.

How can I bypass the Viper car alarm?

How to bypass a delayed alarm

How do I deactivate a k9 car alarm?

To deactivate the security system without a transmitter:

How do I activate the control mode?

The operating mode can be set in various ways.

What is the automatic page?

Auto Page has been a well-known remote start brand for many years. It was introduced in 1979 with an automatic security system that the owner would investigate if anyone had tampered with the car. In the early 1980s, for example, the company introduced one of the first remote controlled alarm systems with an IR remote control.

Autopage Alarm