Definition of Autonomy:

  1. Human resource management: A degree or level of freedom and discretion allowed to an employee over his or her job. As a general rule, jobs with high degree of autonomy engender a sense of responsibility and greater job satisfaction in the employee(s). Not every employee, however, prefers a job with high degree of responsibility.

Synonyms of Autonomy

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How to use Autonomy in a sentence?

  1. Joe could no longer work in his job because his boss constantly looked over his shoulder and always micromanaged him, never giving him autonomy .
  2. Some employees resent frequent interference and micromanagement by their superiors, preferring autonomy in their work, while others fail to thrive without constant supervision.
  3. I prefer to hire individuals with a strong sense of autonomy because they require much less of my time and attention.

Meaning of Autonomy & Autonomy Definition