Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicle,

What is Autonomous Vehicle?

A computer-controlled truck, bus or car that uses radar radar, global positioning systems, light and telemetry sensors, sensors and computer vision to recognize and respond to the environment and navigate safely without human intervention. ۔ To be eligible for a fully autonomous vehicle, you have to travel on roads and highways without any human assistance. Also known as driverless car or autonomous car.

Literal Meanings of Autonomous Vehicle


Meanings of Autonomous:
  1. (Of a country or region) who are free to govern themselves or control their own business.

  2. (In Canteen Ethical Philosophy) He acts more according to his desires and according to his moral obligations.

Sentences of Autonomous
  1. The Association consists of 16 independent republics

  2. Vernant observes that if there is any scope for action, it is certainly not an independent desire in the Kantian sense, but the desire is linked to the fear of divine power, if not compulsion.


Meanings of Vehicle:
  1. Something is used to transport people or goods, especially on the ground, such as a car, truck or trailer.

  2. Something that is used to express, express, or achieve something.

  3. Movies, TV shows, music, etc. The goal is to present the best performance from the best perspective.

Sentences of Vehicle
  1. The car skidded on the road

  2. I use the color of my thoughts as the color of the car.

  3. The Star Wars vehicle, one of the most popular in Hollywood

Synonyms of Vehicle

means of transport, agency, machine, organ, motorized vehicle, automobile, channel, apparatus, mechanism, motor vehicle, medium, agent, means of expression, machinery, conveyance, instrument, structure, means