Automatically Protected

Automatically Protected,

What is The Meaning of Automatically Protected?

Until May 1, 2011, federal benefits, such as social security benefits, additional security income benefits, veterans benefits, railway pension benefits and federal benefits, will be provided for two months. Office workers who are paid directly into the account can be protected. Turn The amount automatically saved depends on the account balance on the day of the check. See prediction questions.

Literal Meanings of Automatically Protected


Meanings of Automatically:
  1. (Refers to a tool or process) over which there is no direct human control.

  2. Impersonal, without conscious thinking and attention.

Sentences of Automatically
  1. The kettle closes automatically after boiling

  2. Although I use my best Italian, the receptionist automatically responds in English.


Meanings of Protected:
  1. Protected from harm, especially through formal or judicial action.

Synonyms of Protected

secured, sheltered, in safe hands, safe, guarded, out of danger, safeguarded, preserved