Definition of Automatic:

  1. Another term for sound.

  2. A device, mechanism, or system that activates (or executes) and performs certain tasks in specific or planned situations.

  3. It is or is made without consciousness and intention.

  4. Operating mode in which certain tasks of the device are performed automatically, not manually.

  5. Vehicles with automatic transmission

  6. Working of (any device or process) exclusively without human control.

  7. A pistol that fires until the ammunition runs out or the trigger is released.

Synonyms of Automatic

Self-regulating, Regular, Gut, Well-worn, Pistol, Repetitive, Equable, Automated, Unthinking, Reflex, Ill-considered, Unchangeable, Immutable, Ill-devised, Frequent, Blowpipe, Undeliberate, Unconditioned, Correspondent, Unlearned, Self-directed, Self-adjusting, Piece, Rifle, Balanced, Reflexive, Rod, Self-lighting, Undesigned, Sawed-off shotgun, Unmeditated, Cybernated, Subliminal, Methodic, Self-mover, Unconscious, Self-working, Monolithic, Cyborg, Automatous, Firearm, Spontaneous, Persistent, Unvarying, Self-operative, Robot, Consonant, Self-active, Ordered, Well-trodden, Conditioned, Smooth, Reflexive, Self-closing, Steadfast, Blowgun, Accustomed, Blind, Self-dumping, Mechanical man, Semiautomatic, Automated, Systematic, Unwilling, Gun, Unconscious, Orderly, Inescapable, Alike, Self-governed, Innate, Computerized, Constant, Continuous, Unwilled, Shotgun, Unintentional, Casual, Instinctual, Instinctive, Mechanical, Robotic, Unconsidered, Consistent, Confirmed, Invariable, Instinctual, Six-gun, Flat, Unadvised, Instinctive, Six-shooter, Revolver, Flamethrower, Inherent, Reflex, Shooting iron, Handgun, Undeliberated, Unintended, Unstudied, Unchanging, Gat, Unwitting, Heater, Knee-jerk, Indeliberate, Involuntary, Inevitable, Unmanned, Unpremeditated, Mechanical, Habitual, Uniform, Forced, Libidinal, Automatic device, Routine, Accordant, Self-controlled, Recurrent, Self-starting, Stable, Trite, Steady, Unchanged, Peashooter, Impulsive, Robotlike, Undeviating, Unruffled, Snap, Measured, Self-cooking, Beaten, Self-acting, Of a piece, Uncalculated, Self-directing, Homogeneous, Unbroken, Unvaried, Undifferentiated, Recurring, Quick, Push-button, Involuntary, Automaton, Compulsive, Ill-advised, Unprompted, Stereotyped, Electronic, Self-regulative, Ready, Repeater, Preprogrammed, Prompt, Self-winding, Musket, Undiversified, Subconscious, Mechanized, Self-governing, Level, Unavoidable, Hackneyed, Ineluctable, Equal, Inadvertent, Even, Habituated, Natural

How to use Automatic in a sentence?

  1. Rapid fire automation.
  2. Automatic kettle that shuts off during cooking.
  3. Five-speed Mercedes 300SL automatic.
  4. Automatic bodily functions, such as breathing.

Meaning of Automatic & Automatic Definition

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