Automatic Stabilizer

Automatic Stabilizer,

What is Automatic Stabilizer?

  1. Automatic stabilizer is a type of financial policy designed to compensate for fluctuations in a country's economic activity without the additional and timely approval of the government or policy makers, through its routine actions. Compensates for fluctuations.

    • Automated stabilizers impose government policies that automatically adjust tax rates and transfer payments to stabilize companies' revenues, consumption, and expenses during the business period.
    • Automatic stabilizers are a type of economic policy that has been favored by Keynesian economies through recession and recession.
    • In the event of a severe or protracted recession, governments need to revive the economy. Support automatic stabilization with temporary or unilateral stimulus measures.

Literal Meanings of Automatic Stabilizer


Meanings of Automatic:
  1. (Device or process) running alone with no other direct human control.

  2. This consciousness, without intention, is or is not created.

  3. A pistol that fires until the ammunition runs out or the trigger is released.

  4. Vehicles with automatic transmission

  5. An operating system in which certain functions of the device are performed automatically, not manually.

  6. Another term for sound

Sentences of Automatic
  1. Automatic kettle that shuts off during cooking

  2. Automatic bodily functions such as breathing

  3. Fast automation fire

  4. A five-speed automatic Mercedes 300SL

Synonyms of Automatic

instinctual, unmanned, mechanized, electronic, subconscious, preprogrammed, reflex, robotic, reflexive, involuntary, knee-jerk, automated, unconscious, unconditioned, push-button, instinctive, computerized, mechanical


Meanings of Stabilizer:
  1. Something used to keep it stable or stable.

  2. Substances that prevent the breakdown of amylase, especially in food and paint

Sentences of Stabilizer
  1. He said he could ask the doctor for a new mood stabilizer.

  2. The two components used in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride are lead stabilizers and plasticizers, which allow the material to remain flexible.

Synonyms of Stabilizer

counterbalance, balance, counterweight, counterpoise