Automatic Premium Loan

Automatic Premium Loan,

Automatic Premium Loan Definition:

An optional term in life insurance that allows the insurance company to pay the cash value of any premium at the end of the additional period. This provision is useful to prevent accidental loss of policy.

Automatic Premium Loan definition is: An automatic premium loan in an insurance policy is a provision that allows the insurance company to deduct the unpaid premium from the policy amount when the premium is due. Premium car loan terms are often associated with monetary value in life insurance policies and allow the policy to remain valid rather than expiring due to non-payment of premiums.

The definition of Automatic Premium Loan is: The money taken from life insurance policies will help pay the premium after the end of the premium payment period.

You can define Automatic Premium Loan as, Provision of life insurance in which unpaid premiums are paid automatically at the end of the repayment period (usually 31 days) with the loan policy if the current value is sufficient.

The definition of Automatic Premium Loan is: In life insurance, there is an optional clause under which the insurer can pay any premium at the end of the discounted period from the current price.

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