Automatic Non-proportional Reinsurance

Automatic Non-proportional Reinsurance,

How To Define Automatic Non-proportional Reinsurance?

  1. Automatic disproportionate reinsurance is insurance that occurs automatically when the insurance company bears a claim in excess of a certain amount. In this case, the insurance company will bear the maximum losses. The insurer is not liable to cover the maximum amount of compensation.

Literal Meanings of Automatic Non-proportional Reinsurance


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Sentences of Automatic
  1. Automatic kettle that shuts off during cooking

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Meanings of Proportional:
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Sentences of Proportional
  1. Punishment should be proportional to the crime

Synonyms of Proportional

corresponding, proportionate, comparable, in proportion, pro rata, commensurate, equivalent, consistent, relative, correlated, correlative, analogous, analogical