Automail Arm

Automail Arm

Can Auto Mail be Real? 3

Don't force me I'm watching llmetal Alchemist Brothd and you know, is this Winry Automail? Is there such a thing? I actually wanted to write this article. Although I'm only thirteen ... I plan to go to high school in mechanics and science in a few months. I mean, connecting the nerves to theory seems realistic. Although it hurts, it will help people ...

This already applies to our technology today.

European scientists claim that an Italian amputee was the first person to control the complex movements of a robotic hand connected to his nervous system.

This is basically auto mail.


Can Auto Mail be Real?

Don't force me I checked llmetal Alchemist Brothd and did you know that Winry auto mails? Is there such a thing? Actually, I wanted to write this article. Even though I'm only thirteen ... I want to dedicate myself to science ...

Auto Mail exists, although it does not work with software. You can't do crazy things with it because it takes longer to get the signal and move. However, some people just cut off their arm to get this automatic card, as it can turn you into an arm capable of carrying a large amount of weight.

Automatic mail

Automail is just an article. So this is real.

Automail Arm