Definition of Autocrat:

  1. The self-appointed leader of the form of government known as an autocracy. An autocrat is sometimes referred to as a despot or dictator, and has a leadership style that does not necessarily reflect the prevailing values of the general population. The style of some managers might be referred to as autocratic or dictatorial.

  2. A ruler who has absolute power.

Synonyms of Autocrat

Simon Legree, Absolute monarch, Absolute ruler, All-powerful ruler, Arrogator, Autarch, Caesar, Commissar, Czar, Despot, Dictator, Disciplinarian, Driver, Duce, Hard master, Martinet, Oligarch, Oppressor, Pharaoh, Slave driver, Stickler, Tyrant, Usurper, Warlord, Absolute ruler, Dictator, Despot, Tyrant, Monocrat

How to use Autocrat in a sentence?

  1. Like many autocrats, Franco found the exercise of absolute power addictive.

Meaning of Autocrat & Autocrat Definition