Auto means,

  1. As the term is currently defined in the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), Commercial Automobile and Commercial Liability (CGL) policies, Designed for pregnancy, or otherwise used when the vehicle is registered or parked, the ground vehicle is subject to liability laws or financial liability or auto insurance laws. The term car does not include mobile devices. This definition is important in determining whether liability insurance is offered as part of motor vehicle liability insurance or as part of the CGL (for mobile devices) policy.

Meanings of Auto

  1. A basket

  2. Summary for Automatic (which means name 3)

Synonyms of Auto

motor, car , machine, automobile, motor car , passenger car , vehicle , wheels

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Auto Meanings:

  • Auto can be defined as, As the term is currently used in the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), Commercial Auto Insurance and Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies, any ground vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer that travels by road or other For ground vehicles. Which is subject to financial liability laws or other liability laws or auto insurance when registered or at a major repair shop. The term does not include sesame seeds. This definition is important in determining whether liability insurance is offered as part of automotive liability insurance or CGL (for mole equipment) policy.

Meanings of Auto

  1. Abbreviation for automatic (adjective meaning 1).

  2. Automatic abbreviation (meaning 3 in the name).

  3. Himself

  4. In terms of cars.

Sentences of Auto

  1. Auto industry

  2. You need to get the camera out of automatic and manual mode.

  3. The camera needs a lot of light to take good pictures and videos in the car.

  4. Self-analysis.

  5. Auto cross


What is The Definition of Auto?

Office of Insurance Services, Inc. (ISO), Commercial Auto Insurance and Commercial Liability Insurance (CGL), as a term used in any ground vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer to be used on public roads, or other vehicles Financial or mandatory liability laws on property registration or main garage or other auto insurance laws. The term does not include sesame seeds. This definition is important in determining whether liability insurance is offered as part of automotive liability insurance or a CGL (for value-added) policy.

Meanings of Auto

  1. Automatic abbreviation (meaning adjective 1).

Sentences of Auto

  1. You need to move the camera out of automatic and manual mode.