Definition of Authorization:

  1. General: This method is used to check whether a person or organization has the right to request or initiate an action.

  2. Computer Access: The process of denying or denying a user access to a secure system. Most computer security systems rely on a two-step process: (1) verifying that the entity requesting access to the system is being claimed or claimed, and (1) 2) Allow access to resources that are identifiable. This entity

Synonyms of Authorization

Supremacy, Mastery, Enable, Notarized statement, Green light, Responsibility, Forward, Facilitate, Let, Validation, OK, Approbation, Go-ahead, Taking over, Regentship, Ne plus ultra, Qualify, Vise, Credential, Allowance, Be-all and end-all, Promote, Permission, Ratification, Mandate, Palms, Stamp of approval, Command, Seizure, Affidavit, Warrant, Confirmation, Commitment, Legitimatization, Commissioning, Sworn statement, Leadership, Appointment, Imprimatur, Consecration, Endorsement, Task, Seal, Exequatur, Sway, Approval, Accession, Legislation, Delegated authority, Voucher, Rule, Attestation, Signet, Jurisdiction, Acceptance, Maximum, Coronation, Sanction, Certificate of proficiency, Endorse, Trust, Consignment, Arrogation, Signature, Advance, Warranty, Empowerment, Devolvement, Accredit, Authority, Legation, Enactment, Affirmance, Zenith, Executorship, Legitimate succession, Permit, Assignment, Care, Blue ribbon, Lordship, Testamur, Proxy, Influence, Mastership, Brevet, Vest, John Hancock, Ticket, Affirmation, Height, Sovereignty, Leave, Authentication, Top spot, Errand, Allow, Directorship, Assist, Visa, Enabling, Testimonial, Power of attorney, Agentship, Dominion, The nod, Notarization, Power, Regency, Championship, Enfranchisement, Charge, Embassy, Anointing, Sufferance, Legalization, Lieutenancy, Power to act, Sheepskin, Subscription, Aid, Most, Entrustment, Usurpation, Office, Countenance, Highest, Control, Acme, Devolution, Agency, Presidency, Succession, License, Management, Witness, First place, Vicarious authority, Nod, Entrusting, Rubber stamp, Countersignature, Support, Fiat, Okay, Purview, Entitlement, Factorship, Deputation, Navicert, Primacy, Bill of health, Hegemony, Deposition, Clearance, Kingship, Plenipotentiary power, Record, Approve, Stamp, Imperium, Cure, First prize, Commission, Anointment, Certification, Further, Certificate, Assumption, Procuration, Headship, Say, Consent, New high, Note, Mission, Trusteeship, Paramountcy, Subserve, Effectiveness, Sigil, Election, Delegation, Help, Full power, Empower, Diploma

How to use Authorization in a sentence?

  1. After one week of business review, I can allow my client to submit all of these business documents.
  2. Allowing your employees to install your software is like asking your company to be a breeding ground for viruses and other malware.
  3. I didn't have proper permission to enter the area, so I decided to sneak in behind my back and pass through.

Meaning of Authorization & Authorization Definition