Definition of Authentication:

  1. The process or action of proving or showing something to be true, genuine, or valid.

  2. Electronic-commerce: Measure employed to ensure that the entity requesting access to an online system is what or who it claims to be, and to counter (by using passwords, authentication certificate, or other identification devices or procedures) any inappropriate or unauthorized access.

  3. Computer access: Verification of the identity of a user through a code such as a password.

  4. General: Verification of the genuineness of a document or signature, to make it effective or valid. It usually takes the form of a sealed or stamped certificate that confirms the authority of a public official (such as judge or a notary public) or of a signatory.

How to use Authentication in a sentence?

  1. The authentication procedure used by the software engineer in writing the Enterprise Resource Planning software was encryption from end to end.
  2. I knew the comic book was great because it had a certificate of authentication which proved it was what I was looking for.
  3. The prints will be stamped with his seal and accompanied by a letter of authentication.
  4. You must make sure to check the authentication of any big purchase so that you dont end up with a fake.

Meaning of Authentication & Authentication Definition