Definition of Authentic:

  1. Item verified to be genuine by certification or formal proof.

  2. Of undisputed origin; genuine.

  3. (of a church mode) comprising the notes lying between the principal note or final and the note an octave higher.

Synonyms of Authentic

Genuine, Original, Real, Actual, Pukka, Bona fide, True, Veritable, Christian, Aboveboard, Absolute, Accepted, Accurate, Actual, Adducible, Admissible, Approved, Attestative, Attestive, Authoritative, Avant-garde, Based on, Bona fide, Candid, Canonical, Card-carrying, Cathedral, Certain, Circumstantial, Cognizable, Conclusive, Conventional, Convincing, Correct, Creative, Credible, Cumulative, Customary, Damning, De facto, Decisive, Dependable, Determinative, Dinkum, Documentary, Documented, Evangelical, Evidential, Evidentiary, Ex cathedra, Ex parte, Eye-witness, Factual, Fair and square, Faithful, Final, Firm, Firsthand, Following the letter, For real, Founded on, Foursquare, Fresh, Genuine, Good, Good-faith, Grounded on, Hearsay, Historical, Honest, Honest-to-God, Imaginative, Implicit, Inartificial, Incontrovertible, Indicative, Indisputable, Indubitable, Irrefutable, Irresistible, Knowable, Lawful, Legitimate, Lifelike, Literal, Magisterial, Material, Natural, Naturalistic, New, Novel, Nuncupative, Of the faith, Official, On the level, On the square, On the up-and-up, Open, Open and aboveboard, Original, Orthodox, Orthodoxical, Overwhelming, Positive, Presumptive, Probative, Proper, Pukka, Pure, Questionless, Real, Realistic, Received, Recognizable, Reliable, Revolutionary, Right, Rightful, Scriptural, Significant, Simon-pure, Simple, Sincere, Single-hearted, Solid, Sound, Square, Square-dealing, Square-shooting, Standard, Sterling, Straight, Straight-shooting, Substantial, Suggestive, Sure, Sure-enough, Symptomatic, Telling, Textual, Traditional, Traditionalistic, True, True to life, True to nature, True to reality, True-blue, Trustworthy, Trusty, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unalloyed, Unassumed, Unassuming, Uncolored, Unconcocted, Uncopied, Uncounterfeited, Undeniable, Underived, Undisguised, Undisguising, Undisputed, Undistorted, Undoubted, Unexaggerated, Unfabricated, Unfanciful, Unfeigned, Unfeigning, Unfictitious, Unflattering, Unimagined, Unimitated, Uninvented, Unique, Unpretended, Unpretending, Unqualified, Unquestionable, Unromantic, Unsimulated, Unspecious, Unsynthetic, Unvarnished, Up-and-up, Valid, Verbal, Verbatim, Veridical, Verisimilar, Veritable, Very, Weighty, Word-for-word

How to use Authentic in a sentence?

  1. The letter is now accepted as an authentic document.

Meaning of Authentic & Authentic Definition

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