Australian Taxation Office (ato)

Australian Taxation Office (ato),

Australian Taxation Office (ato) Meanings:

  • Collection of taxes is the legal prerogative of the Australian Government. The ATO collects taxes on income, goods and services, and other federal taxes.

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Meanings of Australian:
  1. Australian people or children of Australian descent or of Australian descent.

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Sentences of Australian
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Meanings of Taxation:
  1. Tax collection

Synonyms of Taxation

impost, tariff, tithe, excise, exaction, fee, duty, imposition, tax, payment, assessment, toll


Meanings of Office:
  1. A room, a series of rooms or buildings used as a commercial, professional or bureaucratic workplace.

  2. Positions of authority or service, usually public

  3. A service or kindness provided by another person or group of people.

  4. A series of prayer services and psalms are recited (or sung) daily by Roman Catholic priests, members of the Order, and other members of the clergy. A daily prayer service is held as part of this service.

Sentences of Office
  1. Desk

  2. Attorney General

  3. For centuries, this office has been guarded not only by priests, monks and nuns.

Synonyms of Office

situation, intermediation, mediation, day job, studio, place, occupation, station, aegis, assistance, auspices, capacity, place of business, position, patronage, intercession, job, aid, place of work, advocacy, role, function, workplace, post