Aussie Vs Herbal Essences

Aussie Vs Herbal Essences

Which is better: Australian essence or herbs? ۔

What's better:

Australian wet


Vegetable essence or hydration

Long-term relationship of herbal essence

Prepare the essence of hydrating vegetables.


I have long, wavy, dry and thin hair.

This is a very Asian feeling.

I don't recommend it to others, let me know which one is the best.

By the way, I don't care about the smell.

I really care about how it works.

Oh Lord! I use herbal essence for long term relationship and it is amazing.

Serious. Take it.

I also use conditioner for long term relationships. It helps my hair look really good and I have really long hair.

I think Australia is still the best. Since I used it, my hair is ** softer ** and more hydrated. My hair gets a lot of static electricity, which is when your hair is dry, but I've had very little static electricity since I started using Australia. Herbal essence is also good, but I think it is more effective. :]

Australia. Herbal essences contain substances that break down hair and accumulate over time. They have covers that make them stand out, but the Australians are great and make your hair silver.

Of course, the essence of the herb is that long-term relationship is better for fine hair, I did not use your freeze conditioner but it does not =). You want to go straight, I think it's hydration, so I'll go for hydration.

I would recommend Herbal Essences long term relationship. I don't have one, but my room matte and sometimes he lets me use it! :)

It also smells good. I thought it was pear and silk.

Aussie Vs Herbal Essences