Audi Pen

Audi Pen

How do I use the Audi touch-up pencil?

VIDEOIs that why Audi sells touch-up paints?

Audi Touch Up Paint This is a three-step painting, mixing and polishing process: Chipex Audi Paint. It works so that even an amateur car owner can do the repair, regardless of whether your color is Brilliant Black or Vegas Yellow. But that's not all, we also offer a color guarantee.

You may also wonder how do I find the Audi color?

For all Audi models, you will find information about the paint color code in the trunk of your car. Check under the trunk, in the back, under the carpet or in the spare wheel box. Audi color codes can vary and be 2 to 4 characters long, but can also contain letters.

In this context, how much does it cost to get paint from a retailer?

The repair usually takes a few hours and costs between $ 150 and $ 250. The job isn't perfect, but it can be more profitable than going to a bodyshop. In case of serious damage or if you want the best value for money, you can go to a professional paint shop.

How do i remove scratches from the car?

  1. Start with a clean, dry surface. Test the depth of the scratches.
  2. Shake the pen well before use. Use the clear pen to fill in the scratches and follow the abrasive pads to smooth the paint.
  3. Apply Paint Clarifying Compound and scrub for 1 minute, then buff until it shines.

How do I remove scratches from a car pen?

How does it work? Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly. Gently shake the Fix It Pro repair pen with the cap on. Prime the applicator on a separate surface. Apply long and deep into the strips. Quickly wipe off excess material with a dry paper towel as Fix It Pro can take effect in minutes.

How do I dust off the scratches on my car?

Remove scratches and marks with toothpaste Take a soft, damp cloth and toothpaste butter and you can remove scratches and marks on the car without much effort. This trick works best when the scratches and scrapes have not fully penetrated the clear coat of the vehicle paint.

How do you touch paint chips on a car?

To start painting, clean the paint chips with soap and water and then dry them with a soft cotton cloth. Rub some car polish over the paint to smooth out any uneven edges. A dozen swirls are enough.

Where can I find a car color code?

Location: The color-coded label is usually found in the glove box or wheel arch, but also on the driver's door, under the driver's seat or in the sun visor on the passenger side.

How do you use OEM touch-up paints?

How to stick your car paint Buy the right paint color. Make sure the area is free of rust. Gently sand the stain. Wash the area thoroughly. Use a small brush or matchstick to apply the primer sparingly. Mix the paint in the cleaning bottle. Starting from the edges, apply the paint completely to the surface of the stain.

Honda touches the paint?

Honda Touch Up Paint is available in 3 different shapes. Honda touch-up pens have a small tip and are great for scratching and quick touch-ups. Honda Touch Up Spray Paint was developed for larger or previously unpainted areas. Honda Touch Up Basecoat paint bottles are great for paint chips.

Where is the color code of a Honda Jazz?

Check the VIN plate to the right of the hood, the color code is across the street.

Where is the color code of a Honda Civic?

The Honda paint code is contained in the driver's service code. The service mark contains the VIN number and color code (eg NH797M). The paint code is on the sticker as in the photo below. The code consists of letters and numbers.

Audi Pen