Audi A4 Gas

Audi A4 Gas

Will using regular gasoline damage my Audi A4 1.8t?

Audi / VW Ener is smart enough to rate your car low-actin ... so it's all pinging and chatting impractical. Your car has factory safety measures.

But .....

Your claim of dirty burning incense is true. This precautionary measure means that you can move forward or decrease. Will not be able to run normal ignition and your car will put more current in the cylinders to prevent explosion / ping / click. This damages your electrical mileage and means less electricity. At some point it won't be good for January even if you have to pass the pollution / emissions test, you will probably fail.

So, are you going to break your head after applying it? ... no

But if you keep doing this, you are more likely to have problems, so it's not a good idea.

If the bidding manual needs a high octane rating, I will use it.

Octane prevents explosion. If you use normal, the explosion sensor will detect the explosion. The management computer is configured on time. It will be your performance and your economy.

When the click sensor is working, you can't hear the power.

The only difference between regular and premium is the octane number. Actin has nothing to do with cleanliness, it burns. Octane is the rate at which an EL ignites spontaneously under pressure. The higher the number of actin, the more resistant it is to compression, as it ignites spontaneously.

The following link explains how petrol works. The fourth page describes the actin number.

If premium is not available, it is good for me to use the tank regularly. The 1.8T has a knock sensor so it syncs automatically. It will also use more gas, cause more pollution, use its own painting, O2 sensor and so on. It goes away quickly and costs a lot of money in the long run.

Emergency charging is fine with regular, but John won't call you saying it's a problem. Not even good in the middle.

By the way, Audi and VW are also running a petrol waste (low detergent content) campaign. It seems that most companies (such as Mole) actually lower the quality of their petrol in the United States when the federal government set the standard for detergent additions a few years ago. Caa now gets better gas from many oil companies. I will try to find this link and include it in this article which is on the list of available gas in USA.

Audi A4 Gas

Audi A4 Gas

None of these people have any real experience using Normal (87) or Plus (89) on premium gas (93) made just for Audi A4. I've just tried it ... and hell is terrible. Even with a loaded octane booster, it doesn't help much. It's hard to kill. For example, I no longer break the engine or turbocharger. Then.

My Audi A4

If it's a turbocharger, yes, it will hurt.

If you are a regular, turbocharged person, it doesn't hurt to use it regularly.

This affects performance, but turbochargers like yours have different chambers designed for high SD that require premium gas to run.

If you use it regularly, it burns and affects the time, so you are recommended to have a faster sound.

Audi A4 Gas

Audi A4 Gas

Go for the lowest order and, if the pig can, you will need the most octane.

If it doesn't work a bit, then on the octane scale

For any turbo car of any brand ... there must be a nest. I'll spend more than 8,000 extra 30 gallons on a new engine to get started ... whatever you put in your car crashes, you get it back ... oh and this MPG And that means more gas stations gasoline. Often

That should be fine. I am using it at 1.8. I

Audi A4 Gas