Definition of Auction:

  1. Common name for several types of sales where the price is neither set nor arrived at by negotiation, but is discovered through the process of competitive and open bidding. The two major types of auction are (1) Forward auction in which several buyers bid for one sellers good(s) and (2) Reverse auction in which several sellers bid for one buyers order. An auction is complete (and a binding contract is created) when a bid is accepted by the seller or the buyer (as the case may be). The internet age has transformed auction into a truly open process in which thousands of goods (from books to ships) and services (from air travel to legal advice) may be offered for bidding by anyone from anywhere and at any time on websites such as Internet auctions are an important aspect of electronic commerce.

  2. Sell or offer for sale at an auction.

  3. A public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder.

Synonyms of Auction

Sell, Supply, Provide, Furnish, Cater, Retail, Deal in, Trade, Carry, Handle, Stock, Offer, Auction, Have for sale, Put on the market, Peddle, Hawk, Tout, Traffic in, Distribution, Disposal, Allocation, Transfer, Transference, Conveyance, Making over, Bestowal, Bequest

How to use Auction in a sentence?

  1. In preparing to attend an auction , a potential buyer ought to review the items up for bid, organize his/her finances in order to determine the highest amount he/she is willing and able to spend on any given item, and register with the seller or selling agent in order to have general access and a winning bid authenticated.
  2. The auction provided us with an opportunity to purchase the home below market value which pleased our new team manager.
  3. The books are expected to fetch a six-figure sum at tomorrows auction.
  4. His collection of vintage cars is to be auctioned off tomorrow.
  5. I won the item at the auction and then immediately regretted my decision because I lost too much money getting it.

Meaning of Auction & Auction Definition