Definition of Attrition:

  1. This type of reduction in staff is called a hiring freeze. It is one way a company can decrease labor costs without the disruption of layoffs.

  2. Attrition in business describes a gradual but deliberate reduction in staff numbers that occurs as employees retire or resign and are not replaced. The term is also sometimes used to describe the loss of customers or clients as they mature beyond a product or company's target market without being replaced by a younger generation.

  3. Loss of a material or resource due to obsolescence or spoilage.

  4. The unpredictable and uncontrollable, but normal, reduction of work force due to resignations, retirement, sickness, or death.

Synonyms of Attrition

Abatement, Ablation, Abrasion, Abrasive, Absorption, Apologies, Assimilation, Atomization, Attenuation, Ayenbite of inwit, Beating, Bitterness, Blunting, Brecciation, Buffing, Burning up, Burnishing, Chafe, Chafing, Comminution, Consumption, Contriteness, Contrition, Corrosion, Crumbling, Crushing, Curtailment, Cut, Cutting, Damping, Deadening, Debilitation, Decrease, Decrement, Deliquescence, Depletion, Depreciation, Derogation, Detraction, Detrition, Devitalization, Digestion, Dilution, Diminution, Dip, Disintegration, Disparagement, Dissipation, Dissolution, Drain, Dressing, Dulling, Eating up, Effemination, Enervation, Enfeeblement, Erasure, Erosion, Evisceration, Exhaustion, Expending, Expenditure, Extenuation, Extraction, Fatigue, Filing, Finishing, Fragmentation, Fretting, Galling, Granulation, Granulization, Grating, Grazing, Grief, Grinding, Impairment, Impoverishment, Inanition, Ingestion, Languishment, Lessening, Levigation, Limation, Loss, Mashing, Mitigation, Penance, Penitently, Polishing, Pounding, Powdering, Rasping, Reduction, Regret, Regretfulness, Regrets, Regretting, Relaxation, Remission, Remorse, Remorse of conscience, Remorsefulness, Repentance, Repining, Retraction, Retrenchment, Rubbing away, Rue, Ruth, Sandblasting, Sanding, Scouring, Scrape, Scraping, Scratch, Scratching, Scrub, Scrubbing, Scuff, Shame, Shamefacedness, Shamefastness, Shamefulness, Shining, Shortening, Shredding, Shrinkage, Slackening, Smashing, Smoothing, Softening, Sorriness, Sorrow, Spending, Squandering, Thinning, Trituration, Truncation, Using up, Wastage, Waste, Wastefulness, Wasting away, Weakening, Wear, Wear and tear, Wearing away, Wearing down, Wistfulness

How to use Attrition in a sentence?

  1. Attrition is a process in which the workforce dwindles at a company, following a period in which a number of people retire or resign, and are not replaced.
  2. If your company has high attrition , you will be forced to continuously advertise, interview and hire new employees to take the place of those employees who have left.
  3. This was a battle of attrition , he tried and tried and still he held out against all of his desire not to.
  4. Attrition can also refer to a company losing its customer base, often as a result of older customers aging or moving on and fewer newer customers opting in.
  5. A reduction in staff due to attrition is often called a hiring freeze and is seen as a less disruptive way to trim the workforce and reduce payroll than layoffs.
  6. Due to the large number of changes the new management was making in the company, the attrition rate among employees skyrocketed.

Meaning of Attrition & Attrition Definition