Definition of Attorney:

  1. In general, an agent authorized to act in legal capacity for a principal, such as an attorney-in-fact. In specific, a lawyer properly called an attorney-at-law.

Synonyms of Attorney

MC, Advocate, Agent, Alter ego, Alternate, Amicus curiae, Assignee, Attorney-at-law, Backup, Backup man, Bailiff, Barrister, Barrister-at-law, Butler, Champion, Counsel, Counselor, Counselor-at-law, Croupier, Curator, Custodian, Deputy, Dummy, Emcee, Executive officer, Exponent, Factor, Figurehead, Friend at court, Guardian, Housekeeper, Intercessor, Landreeve, Lawyer, Legal adviser, Legal counselor, Legal expert, Legal practitioner, Legalist, Librarian, Lieutenant, Locum, Locum tenens, Majordomo, Master of ceremonies, Mouthpiece, Paranymph, Pinch hitter, Pleader, Proctor, Procurator, Proxy, Representative, Sea lawyer, Second in command, Secondary, Self-styled lawyer, Seneschal, Solicitor, Stand-in, Steward, Substitute, Supply, Surrogate, Understudy, Utility man, Vicar, Vicar general, Vice, Vicegerent

Meaning of Attorney & Attorney Definition

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Attorney: What is the Meaning of Attorney?

  1. A person who has completed legal education, especially a person whose role is to advise others on legal matters or to represent them in legal proceedings.

Meanings of Attorney

  1. Someone hired another person to do business or legal matters.

  2. Mukhtar.

Sentences of Attorney

  1. Another important mediator is the lawyer who represents Christian groups in dealings with the state.

  2. By the end of the decade, about two dozen women had qualified as lawyers.

Synonyms of Attorney

member of the bar, DA , pleader , mouthpiece , lip , counsellor, emissary, front , prosecuting counsel, legal representative, proxy , ambassador, spieler , delegate, legal executive, advocate , go-between, counsel , counselor , envoy, legal eagle , legal beagle , defending counsel, barrister , fixer , frontman, ambulance chaser