What Does Attorney-in-Fact Mean?

In fact, a lawyer is a person who is authorized to act on behalf of another person, usually to conduct business or other government transactions. The representative usually appoints someone as a representative, empowers them.

  • The act of representation is a person appointed by others to act in business, financial or personal matters.
  • The case is identified by a power of attorney, usually through that person.
  • Sometimes, the court can give individual power to another person if that person becomes disabled.

Definition of Attorney-in-Fact: A person who has been authorized by others to act on your behalf.

Attorney-in-Fact refers to Individuals authorized by third parties (not necessarily lawyers), whether for a specific purpose or for a specific action, or for commercial business in general, without a legal role. This power of attorney is granted through a written instrument called the Power of Attorney or more commonly called a Power of Attorney.

Literal Meanings of Attorney-in-Fact


Meanings of Attorney:
  1. A person assigned to work on behalf of others in business or legal matters.

  2. Lawyer.

Sentences of Attorney
  1. Another important mediator is a lawyer who represents Christian groups in their dealings with the state.

  2. By the end of this decade, about two dozen women had qualified as lawyers.

Synonyms of Attorney

envoy, frontman, counsel, lawyer, legal executive, member of the bar, counsellor, go-between, attorney, delegate, legal adviser, surrogate, substitute, deputy, emissary, ambassador, prosecuting counsel, defending counsel, legal representative, intercessor, stand-in, agent, representative


Meanings of In:
  1. Explain the situation of being surrounded by something or appearing surrounded by something else.

  2. Identify the period during which an incident occurred or the situation continued.

  3. Include how long it will take for future events.

  4. (Often without a definite article after it) which expresses a condition or condition.

  5. Participation or expression participation.

  6. Identify someone's job or work.

  7. Language or media description used.

  8. As an integral part (an activity)

  9. Express movement as a result of something or being trapped or surrounded by something.

  10. Expresses being surrounded by a situation or something.

  11. The express has reached its destination.

  12. (High tide) rising or high.

  13. Playing (indoor or outdoor player) is much closer than usual.

  14. (Someone) in your home or office.

  15. Fashion

  16. (From tennis balls and similar sports) Landing in designated play area.

Sentences of In
  1. You are wearing the best clothes for Sunday

  2. They met in 1885

  3. See you in fifteen minutes

  4. Fall in love

  5. I read in a book

  6. He works in publications

  7. Says in Polish

  8. When planning public spending, it's best to be cautious

  9. front of

  10. We were closed

  11. The train arrived too late

Synonyms of In

fashionable, subsequent to, into the house, within the bounds of, stylish, inside, in the course of, modern, during, over, at the end of, into the building, within the confines of, present, up to the minute, into the room, after, in vogue, within, popular, home, up to date, at home, modish


Meanings of Fact:
  1. Something is known or proven.

Sentences of Fact
  1. Ignoring some historical and economic facts

Synonyms of Fact

certainty, factuality, reality, certitude, actuality