Definition of Attorney-at-law:

  1. A lawyer who is qualified to represent a client in court.

  2. Qualified individual certified to practice law in a specific jurisdiction. Also called attorney. See also advocate, barrister, counsel, lawyer, and queens counsel.

How to use Attorney-at-law in a sentence?

  1. An attorney-at-law appearing before the court shall at all times be attired in such a manner as prescribed or agreed by the proper authorities.
  2. Mr. Webb, Attorney-At-Law was hired to represent the young man in his court case because of his success rate on other cases he has handled.
  3. The attorney-at-law was the only acceptable channel for communication between the defendant and the plaintiff for the past several years.
  4. He was an attorney-at-law and that meant that he was qualified and ready to get to work in a new jurisdiction.

Meaning of Attorney-at-law & Attorney-at-law Definition