Definition of Attn:

  1. A common abbreviation for the word attention. The abbreviation attn: is often used within companies in addressing memorandums, mailings and other written business communications to the individual or group who should pay the most attention to them.

  2. (on an envelope or at the top of a letter or fax) attention (i.e. for the attention of).

How to use Attn in a sentence?

  1. You need to make sure that everyone is paying attn when you are giving a very important demonstration of a new project.
  2. The letter was addressed ATTN : County Clerk , its purpose was to gather the attention of the county clerk in regards to fiscal requirements of the county in the upcoming fiscal year.
  3. We had sent the package ATTN : (secretary) to ensure a human would receive the package, then it could be forwarded to the CEO.

Meaning of Attn & Attn Definition