Definition of Attitude:

  1. An established way of thinking or feeling about someone or something that is usually reflected in one's behavior.

  2. The desire or tendency to react positively or negatively to certain thoughts, objects, people or situations. Behavior challenges affect the process of individual selection and the response to challenges, incentives and rewards (collectively called motivation).

    There are four main elements of attitude (1) Love: Emotions or Feelings. (2) Scientific: Beliefs or opinions that are consciously maintained. ()) Ingredients: tendency to act. () Diagnosis: Positive or negative reaction to stimuli.

Synonyms of Attitude

Impression, Mind, Position, Estimate, Eye, Angle, School of thought, Concept, Public belief, Presumption, Bias, Way of thinking, Community sentiment, Perspective, Feeling, Tendency, Inclination, Port, Presence, Set, Prepossession, Prejudice, Conclusion, Air, Demeanor, Exposure, Reaction, Reaction, Personal judgment, Slant, Lights, Thinking, Predilection, View, ■■■■ reckoning, Viewpoint, Disposition, Prevailing belief, Position line, Consensus gentium, Celestial navigation, Notion, Judgment, Carriage, Position, Opinion, Standpoint, Stand, Frame of mind, Orientation, Stance, Fix, Approach, Sentiment, Pose, Bearing, Consideration, Radio bearing, Inclination, Thought, Point of view, Mystique, Bearings, View, Aspect, Lie, Observation, Climate of opinion, Idea, Public opinion, Common belief, Estimation, Sight, Popular belief, Posture, Viewpoint, Assumption, Way of looking at things, Bent, Point of view, Orientation, Approach, Theory, Leaning, Stance, Outlook, Conception, Lay, Color, Way of thinking, Vantage point, Line of position, Frontage, Ethos, Conceit, General belief, Pilotage, Azimuth

How to use Attitude in a sentence?

  1. It struck a chord with other people's interests.
  2. The new management assistant has the right attitude and work ethic to thrive in a stressful and competitive environment.
  3. Adolescents' persistent negative attitudes lead to conflicts with their teachers and they often refer them to the principal's office.
  4. When I was young and competed in sports, my father used to tell me that good looks are the result of good manners.

Meaning of Attitude & Attitude Definition

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