How Do You Define ATTACH?

  1. A policy or endorsement is considered attached when this policy or endorsement is implemented.

  2. ATTACH means: To confiscate property or property or to obtain legal documents that give the right to confiscate property or property. This usually happens when a person has outstanding debt, is unable to repay financially in cash, and has assets to meet the amount owed.

Meanings of ATTACH

  1. Add

  2. Explain the meaning or value.

  3. Confiscation (of someone's property) by a legal authority.

Sentences of ATTACH

  1. Make sure the trailer is securely attached to the truck.

  2. Not more concerned with radical ideas in terms of interests

  3. The court linked your salary to child support.

Synonyms of ATTACH

appropriate, lay, connect, yoke, make fast, chain, hitch on , affix , link, tie , tether, tag on , hitch up , confiscate, fetter, truss, tie up, unite , annex , take possession of, hook on , take, latch onto , sequester, secure, hitch

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What is The Definition of ATTACH?

  • ATTACH means: When the policy or passenger is affected, the policy or passenger is considered attached.

  • Possession of property or STDs, or obtaining legal documents authorizing the confiscation of property or STDs. This usually happens when a person has a debt owed, is unable to repay the loan financially in cash, and has enough money to pay off the debt owed.

Meanings of ATTACH

  1. Connecting something to something else.

  2. Confiscate (a person or property) by a legal authority.

Sentences of ATTACH

  1. Connect your security line to the bridge.

  2. I don't really care about solid ideas.

  3. Earl Marshall convicted Gloucester of treason.

Synonyms of ATTACH

strap, peg, distrain, expropriate, pinion, couple, moor, add, bind, fasten, clamp, stick, screw, requisition, append, rope, batten, glue, pin, clip, commandeer, poind, weld, seize


How To Define ATTACH?

  • A simple definition of ATTACH is: The policy or traveler is considered attached when the policy or traveler becomes effective.

  • Confiscation of property or std, or obtaining legal documents authorizing the confiscation of property or std. This usually happens when a person has a debt owed, is unable to pay the cash financially, and is valuable enough to meet the amount owed.

Meanings of ATTACH

  1. Adding (something) to something else.

  2. Seize (a person or property) by legal authority.

Synonyms of ATTACH

fuse, adhere, join, lash, bond, subjoin, cement, take away, bolt, solder, anchor, disseize, rivet, sequestrate, tape