Atoa Significado

Atoa Significado

Or  rand random person ..... my friend called me but ohari or no meaning?

You don't have to face, or depending on the context, a woman is waiting for you.

The person with the face

Atoa Significado

Atoa Significado

A person who does not face, who has to do something all the time (24 h) without.

Heavy bottle, I prefer Pessoa Ociosa.

AC que ÂsoÃÂ is a kind of comfort ...

Nice and very special ƒÃ¡ voce Leticia !!!

I don't know the misunderstanding of your story as your friend, because he said it depends on the context of the conversation !!! A source:

Despicable, pathetic, flawed, unimportant, unimportant says that person is UI.

The meanings are more like no or I know what is between the sounds, make a reflection and depending on the nature of the speech I know what it means! ! !

I looked it up in the dictionary, the answering machine, okay ???

I will really be waiting for you !!! Then help you !!!

But what do you mean?

It depends, there are 3 conditions

atoaatheist means religious. o

As long as you manipulate, live or live as you please.


I don't know if you are going home or if you are going to like your clothes

This person's speech has many meanings.

The person who is not face but useless, swims ....

Atoa Significado