Definition of Atmosphere:

  1. An offensive tone or atmosphere of a place, situation, or work of art.

  2. The pressure unit is based on the average environmental pressure at the surface level.

  3. One of the four components of the Earth's ecosystem (the other three organisms, hydropher and lithosphere) is a strip of gases that covers the Earth's surface. Its nin mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass mass is concentrated in the radius of mile miles of the earth's surface, and its two largest components (clay I) contains nitrogen (approximately 78%) and oxygen (approximately 21%). The remaining 1% consists mainly of traces of carbon dioxide, helium, krypton, methane, neon, sulfur dioxide, water vapor and xenon. In meteorology, the atmosphere is divided into seven layers called regions (from bottom to top): travosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, chamomile sphere, thermo sphere, ion sphere and ecosphere.

  4. Gisao shell that surrounds the Earth or other planets.

Synonyms of Atmosphere

Semblance, Characterization, Note, Feeling, Atmospheric, Aerial, Feel, Noosphere, Incident, Tenor, Ambience, Air, Aura, Thematic development, Grouping, Pneumatics, Undertone, Property, Climate, Twist, Character, Continuity, Contrivance, Design, Background, Tone, Recognition, Aerosphere, Emanation, Subplot, Draftsmanship, Motif, Device, Plot, Gaseous envelope, Argument, Composition, Sense, Air, Sky, Action, Medium, Fluid, Episode, Shadow, Impression, Painterliness, Airspace, Color, Movement, Feeling, Ambience, Aerodynamics, Mood, Welkin, Undertone, Peripeteia, Aura, Theme, Perspective, Flavour, Biosphere, Quality, Technique, Line, Complication, Halogen gas, Suggestion, Flavor, Quality, Milieu, Colour, Aerosphere, Denouement, Overtone, Tone, Pneumatic, Development, Mood, Mythos, Inert gas, Fable, Plan, Arrangement, Treatment, Spirit, Gas, Feel, Characteristic, Air, Shading, Falling action, Gimmick, Climate, Ambient, Architecture, Local color, Element, Rising action, Catastrophe, Ecosphere, Impression, Switch, Balance, Subject, Story, Aspect, Overtone, Anagnorisis, Scheme, Secondary plot, Undercurrent, Angle, Structure, Values, Surroundings, Colouring, Individuality, Character, Brushwork, Slant, Spirit, Look, Lift, Architectonics, Topic, Suggestion, Mise-en-scene, Peculiarity

How to use Atmosphere in a sentence?

  1. After spending time with his new colleagues, Jeff decided that the office environment was not for him.
  2. Part of the solar energy is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere.
  3. My friends and I decided to go to the club for our birthday. We could feel the pleasant atmosphere of everyone there.
  4. Currently, the condition of the Earth's atmosphere is of great concern due to the large amount of smoke and harmful gases released daily by human activities.
  5. This hotel is known for its warm and friendly atmosphere.

Meaning of Atmosphere & Atmosphere Definition