At Fault

At Fault,

What is At Fault?

  • You can define At Fault as, Absence means that someone is responsible for something special. In the insurance context, an issue refers to a situation in which a driver causes an accident. Often, the question of whether the driver is responsible for the accident can have a significant impact on whether the car insurance company will cover the accident.

  • The driver who made all or part of the accident.

  • The definition of At Fault is: The party that is legally liable for damages in the event of an accident.

Literal Meanings of At Fault


Meanings of At:
  1. Indicate the location or arrival at a particular location.

  2. It shows when an event occurred.

  3. Select a specific point or class on the scale.

  4. An expression of certain circumstances or circumstances.

  5. Express objects through appearance, movement, thought, action or planning.

  6. Show how to do things.

  7. Laos currency unit, equal to one hundredth of a cup.

  8. Amazing chemical element.

Sentences of At
  1. They live in Canway House

  2. At nine o'clock the children go to bed

  3. Prices start at 18,500

  4. Very harmful

  5. I checked my watch

  6. Holding prison officers with the tip of a knife


Meanings of Fault:
  1. Unpleasant or unsatisfactory qualities, especially in a person's work or character.

  2. Responsibility in case of accident or misfortune.

  3. Prolonged fracture of the rocky body, due to the relative displacement and closure of the layers on each side of a given surface.

  4. Criticizing failures or mistakes.

  5. (Rock formation) was damaged by mistake or error.

Sentences of Fault
  1. My worst mistake was impatience

  2. If he dies, it is his fault

  3. Landscaping that takes place due to many failures

  4. His colleagues and superiors cannot blame his involvement

  5. The valley of the crack where the layer was stretched and shaped

Synonyms of Fault

flaw, fault, failing, deficiency, weakness, weak point, weak spot, shortcoming, fallibility, frailty, infirmity, foible, inadequacy, limitation, responsibility, liability, culpability, blameworthiness, guilt, find fault with, find lacking