Definition of Assurance:

  1. Assurance refers to financial coverage that provides remuneration for an event that is certain to happen. Assurance is similar to insurance, with the terms often used interchangeably. However, insurance refers to coverage over a limited time, whereas assurance applies to persistent coverage for extended periods or until death. Assurance may also apply to validation services provided by accountants and other professionals.

  2. Insurance cover against an eventuality that (sooner or later) must occur; death of the person covered under a life insurance policy being the common one.

  3. Confidence or certainty in ones own abilities.

  4. Insurance, specifically life insurance.

  5. Part of corporate governance in which a management provides accurate and current information to the stakeholders about the efficiency and effectiveness of its policies and operations, and the status of its compliance with the statutory obligations.

  6. A positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.

  7. One of the best examples of assurance is whole life insurance as opposed to term life insurance. In the U.K., "life assurance" is another name for life insurance. The adverse event that both whole life and term life insurance deal with is the death of the person the policy covers. Since the death of the covered person is certain, a life assurance policy (whole life insurance) results in payment to the beneficiary when the policyholder dies. .

Synonyms of Assurance

Self-confidence, Confidence, Self-assurance, Belief in oneself, Faith in oneself, Positiveness, Assertiveness, Self-possession, Self-reliance, Nerve, Poise, Aplomb, Presence of mind, Phlegm, Level-headedness, Cool-headedness, Insurance, Indemnity, Indemnification, Protection, Security, Surety, Cover, Coverage, Word of honour, Word, Guarantee, Promise, Pledge, Vow, Avowal, Oath, Bond, Affirmation, Undertaking, Commitment, Bible oath, Absolute certainty, Absoluteness, Acceptation, Acception, Accident insurance, Acquiescence, Actuary, Agreement, Aid and comfort, Annuity, Aplomb, Arrogance, Ascertainment, Aspiration, Assumption, Assured faith, Assuredness, Audacity, Aviation insurance, Avouch, Avouchment, Avow, Bail bond, Balance, Belief, Boldness, Bond, Brashness, Brass, Brazenness, Bumptiousness, Business life insurance, Casualty insurance, Certain knowledge, Certainness, Certainty, Certificate of insurance, Certification, Certitude, Check, Checking, Cheek, Cheerful expectation, Chutzpah, Clear sailing, Cockiness, Cocksureness, Collation, Comfort, Commitment, Compact, Composure, Conceit, Condolence, Confidence, Confidentness, Confirmation, Consolation, Control, Contumely, Conviction, Coolness, Courage, Court bond, Covenant, Credence, Credit, Credit insurance, Credit life insurance, Credulity, Dead certainty, Deductible, Definiteness, Dependence, Desire, Determinacy, Determinateness, Determination, Doomed hope, Easement, Effrontery, Emboldening, Encouragement, Endowment insurance, Ensuring, Equability, Equanimity, Equilibrium, Establishment, Expectation, Extrajudicial oath, Fair prospect, Faith, Family maintenance policy, Fervent hope, Fidelity bond, Fidelity insurance, Flood insurance, Fraternal insurance, Gall, Good cheer, Good hope, Government insurance, Great expectations, Guarantee, Guaranty, Gumption, Guts, Gutsiness, Hardihood, Hardiness, Harmlessness, Health insurance, Heartening, High hopes, Hope, Hopeful prognosis, Hopefulness, Hopes, Hoping, Hoping against hope, Hubris, Immunity, Impudence, Indemnity, Industrial life insurance, Ineluctability, Inerrability, Inerrancy, Inevitability, Infallibilism, Infallibility, Insolence, Inspiration, Inspiriting, Inspiritment, Insurance, Insurance agent, Insurance broker, Insurance company, Insurance man, Insurance policy, Interinsurance, Intrepidity, Invulnerability, Ironclad oath, Judicial oath, Level head, Levelheadedness, Liability insurance, License bond, Limited payment insurance, Loyalty oath, Major medical insurance, Malpractice insurance, Marine insurance, Mutual company, Necessity, Nerve, Nonambiguity, Noncontingency, Oath, Oath of allegiance, Oath of office, Obtrusiveness, Ocean marine insurance, Official oath, Overconfidence, Oversureness, Overweening, Overweeningness, Pact, Parole, Permit bond, Pledge, Plight, Poise, Policy, Pomposity, Positiveness, Possession, Prayerful hope, Predestination, Predetermination, Presence of mind, Presumption, Presumptuousness, Pride, Probatum, Procacity, Promise, Prospect, Prospects, Protection, Proved fact, Pushiness, Reassurance, Reassurement, Reception, Reliance, Reliance on, Relief, Resolve, Restraint, Risklessness, Robbery insurance, Safeguard, Safeness, Safety, Sangfroid, Sanguine expectation, Security, Self-assurance, Self-command, Self-conceit, Self-confidence, Self-control, Self-importance, Self-possession, Self-reliance, Self-restraint, Settled belief, Shred of comfort, Social security, Solace, Solacement, Solemn declaration, Solemn oath, Steadiness, Stock, Stock company, Stocks and bonds, Store, Subjective certainty, Substantiation, Support, Sureness, Surety, Suspension of disbelief, Sympathy, Term insurance, Test oath, Theft insurance, Tie, Troth, Trust, Truth, Unambiguity, Understanding, Underwriter, Unequivocalness, Univocity, Unmistakableness, Uppishness, Uppityness, Validation, Vanity, Verification, Vow, Warrant, Warranty, Well-grounded hope, Well-regulated mind, Word, Word of honor

How to use Assurance in a sentence?

  1. She drove with assurance.
  2. Before I went all the way to a different country, I needed some assurance that I would have enough money when I got there.
  3. Assurance can also refer to professional services provided by accountants, lawyers, and other professionals, known collectively as assurance services.
  4. Unlike insurance, which covers hazards over a specific policy term, assurance is permanent coverage over extended periods, often up to the insured's death.
  5. Assurance refers to financial coverage that provides remuneration for an event that is certain to happen.
  6. Following a slow start to the year, recruitment levels in the insurance, assurance and reinsurance industries have picked up significantly this month.
  7. He gave an assurance that work would not recommence until Wednesday.
  8. When doctors diagnose patients with minor problems they should remember that the person usually does not have much medical knowledge and needs assurance that the problem is not serious.
  9. Whenever we make a change to one of our products we are required to send it to quality assurance so that they can double check our work.

Meaning of Assurance & Assurance Definition