Definition of Assumption:

  1. Unconfirmed beliefs, logical constructions or facts. See Assumptions for more information.

  2. Arrogance or imagination.

  3. Physical acceptance of the Virgin Mary in heaven. A doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church was formally proclaimed in 1950, in honor of the August 15 Ascension.

  4. Something that is true or accepted as something will happen without proof.

  5. Fulfilling duties and powers from a position, responsibility or other obligation (such as a loan).

  6. The act of assuming power or responsibility.

Synonyms of Assumption

Conjecture, Acceptance, Opinion, Hubris, Lawlessness, Derivation, Prospects, Stance, Guess, Consecration, Conceit, Confidence, Presumptuousness, Set of postulates, Succession, Suspicion, Arcane meaning, Acceptance, Tackling, Assimilation, Symbolism, Connotation, Infringement, Estimation, Coronation, Pasticcio, Notion, Shouldering, Upping, Eye, Upthrust, Pirating, Takeover, First principles, Sursum corda, Transition, Uplifting, Way of thinking, Hypothesis ad hoc, Intimation, Acquisition, Exaltation, Working hypothesis, Hoping against hope, Switch, Deputation, Feeling, Transformation, Thought, The Assumption, Prevailing belief, Election, Plagiary, Presupposition, Managing, Reliance, Promise, Good cheer, Sumption, Anointing, Expectation, Postulate, Observation, Lapse, License, Liberties, Postulation, Hope, Thought, Reconversion, Common belief, Mystique, Thinking, Raising, Great expectations, Truth-function, Presupposal, Allusion, Erection, Change-over, Presupposition, Beatification, Statement, Resurrection, Simulation, Implied meaning, Posit, Judgment, Prepossession, Import, Fancy, Authorization, Attitude, Mocking, Postulation, Change, Licentiousness, Ground, Suggestion, Entailment, Ethos, Shift, Inference, Security, Impression, Height, Inference, Categorical proposition, Tinge, Subsumption, Popular belief, Turning into, Philosophical proposition, Anointment, Occult meaning, Hint, Fervent hope, Trespassing, Propositional function, Enslavement, Premise, Involvement, Data, Reception, View, Delegation, Implication, Translation, Fundamental, Conversion, Hopes, Indent, Impression, Personal judgment, Cheerful expectation, Lifting, Ascent, Hopefulness, Lights, Appointment, Belief, Conception, Consensus gentium, Becoming, Undertone, Legitimate succession, Assurance, Taking on, Posture, Gathering, Handling, Assumed position, Position, Ironic suggestion, Sanguine expectation, Truth-value, General belief, Theory, Subjugation, Receiving, Notion, Uprearing, Law, Playing God, Premise, Liberty abused, Metaphorical sense, Assertion, Upbuoying, Admittance, Trust, Admission, Resolution, Naturalization, Meaning, Touch, Speculation, Reversal, Conquest, Subsidiary sense, Axiom, Trespass, Proposition, Basis, Overweening, Point of view, Thesis, Sight, Surmise, Supposition, Upheaval, Lemma, Preemption, Idea, Principle, Progress, Public belief, Taking over, Empowerment, Affirmation, Undermeaning, Growth, Imitation, Deduction, Accession, Minor premise, Guesswork, Alchemy, Mind, Coloration, Major premise, Conjecture, Imposition, Overtone, Upcast, Preoccupation, Assumption, Postulatum, Hypothesis, Surmise, Insolence, Escalation, Deriving, Conclusion, Assignment, Deification, Hopeful prognosis, Arrogation, Theory, A priori principle, Apriorism, Allegory, Estimate, Foundation, Aspiration, Pastiche, Faith, Prayerful hope, Plagiarism, Supposal, Supposition, Undue liberty, Presumption, Dependence, Flip-flop, Presumption, Prospect, Theorem, Conclusion, Subsense, Philosopheme, Expectation, Re-formation, Desire, Uplift, Receival, Community sentiment, About-face, High hopes, Upthrow, Switch-over, Nuance, Elevation, Canonization, Doomed hope, Volte-face, Adoption, Ascension, Well-grounded hope, Getting, Public opinion, Copying, Truth table, Taking, Apotheosis, Guess, Hoping, Familiarity, Climate of opinion, Undercurrent, Enshrinement, Sentiment, Colonization, Innuendo, Hypothesis, Reduction, Supposing, Consideration, Receipt, Reaction, Usurpation, Appropriation, Assured faith, The Ascension, Seizure, Borrowed plumes, Rearing, Transit, Conviction, Encroachment, Good hope, Fair prospect, Occupation, Invasion, Concept, Requisition, Overweeningness, Passage

How to use Assumption in a sentence?

  1. They make some assumptions about the market.
  2. My father gave me a loan to buy a new car, as long as I pay interest every month.
  3. The idea that the police are all punk skaters is proved wrong when some teenagers raise money to help the store owner pay off his bad bank.
  4. Hypothesis of active role in local institutions.
  5. This requirement is widely celebrated in the church.
  6. The boy's guess about the city was wrong, he took the opportunity to learn important facts about the city, only his own guess.

Meaning of Assumption & Assumption Definition


What is Assumption?

  • Definition of Assumption: The amount of risk borne by the reinsurer.

  • Accept the responsibility of paying the mortgage.

Meanings of Assumption

  1. Anything that can be accepted as true or true without proof.

  2. The act of taking power or responsibility.

  3. Receiving the Body of the Virgin Mary in Heaven It was officially declared a teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.

  4. Pride or imagination

Sentences of Assumption

  1. Play an active role in local institutions

  2. This meant that the concept of church was widely celebrated.

Synonyms of Assumption

postulation , hunch , acceptance , theory , theorization , belief , surmise , supposal , shot in the dark , premise , fancy , guess , expectation , accepting , supposition , stab , posit , shot , sneaking suspicion , conjecture , postulate , presumption , presupposition