1. ASSUMPTION BY CONTRACT can be defined as, The primary liability policy poses no risk beyond the policy provisions arising from the liabilities assumed as an agreement between the insurance and the other parties. This liability protection can be availed with additional premium (see) Contract Liability Insurance.



Meanings of ASSUMPTION:
  1. Anything that can be accepted as true or true without proof.

  2. The act of taking power or responsibility.

  3. Receiving the Body of the Virgin Mary in Heaven It was officially declared a teaching of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.

  4. Pride or imagination

Sentences of ASSUMPTION
  1. Make some assumptions about the market

  2. Play an active role in local institutions

  3. This meant that the concept of church was widely celebrated.

Synonyms of ASSUMPTION

presupposition, taking on, theory, expectation, shouldering, premise, conjecture, managing, supposition, presumption, fancy, suspicion, postulation, acceptance, guess, tackling, inference, hypothesis, handling, impression, surmise, belief, deduction, conclusion, notion


Meanings of BY:
  1. Identify the operating agent.

  2. Show me how to get something.

  3. Enter the amount or size of the margin.

  4. Specify a deadline or expiration date.

  5. Includes location or location of physical object near object.

  6. Identify the period when something happened.

  7. About

  8. Used in sweet desires.

  9. Compound

Sentences of BY
  1. Malaria can be controlled by parasitic attacks

  2. The blow deprived them of miles

  3. I have to finish this report before Monday.

  4. The body was found on the side of the road.

  5. What you do is good for me

  6. A car passes on the road

Synonyms of BY

along, beyond, owing to, thanks to, side by side with, as a consequence of, due to, by use of, according to, alongside, next door to, via, at, by means of, in good time for, as a result of, by, past, adjacent to, on the strength of, on account of, cheek by jowl with, with, concerning, by virtue of, as far as … is concerned, at the side of


Meanings of CONTRACT:
  1. Decrease in size, number or rating.

  2. Make formal and legally binding agreements.

  3. Catch or Prepare (Disease or Infectious Agent)

  4. Your debt

  5. A written or oral agreement, specifically a rental, sale or lease agreement, intended to be legally binding.

Sentences of CONTRACT
  1. When it cools, the glass contracts

  2. Local authorities will employ various agencies to provide services

  3. Three people infected with the deadly virus

  4. The resulting debt is 3,300

  5. Both parties will have to sign an employment agreement

Synonyms of CONTRACT

pledge, become infected with, be taken ill with, come down with, fall into, engage, compact, get, undertake, agreement, bond, commitment, be stricken with, incur, succumb to, promise, pick up, develop, fall ill with, become smaller, acquire, commit oneself



  • ASSUMPTION BY CONTRACT definition is: The basic insurance policy does not present a risk that exceeds the policy provisions arising from the contractual obligations between the insured and the other parties. This liability protection can be obtained through contract liability insurance with additional premium.



Meanings of ASSUMPTION:
  1. Anything that is considered true or untrue without proof.

  2. Take power or responsibility

  3. Receiving the body of the Virgin Mary in heaven. It was officially declared the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1950.

Synonyms of ASSUMPTION

requisition, undertaking, seizure, guesswork, guesstimate, thought, arrogation, embarkation on, reckoning, expropriation, taking over, claiming, confiscation, appropriation, guessing, taking away, requisitioning, appropriating, usurping, hijacking


Meanings of BY:
  1. Identify the acting agent.

  2. Indicates the means of obtaining something.

  3. Indication of margin value or size.

  4. Set a time limit or the end of a specific period.

  5. Indicates the location of a physical object in or near a place.

  6. Indicates the period during which something happened.

  7. in regards to

  8. Used in sweet sausage.

  9. Goodbye Spelling 1.

  10. Secondary Accessories

  11. Direct advertising of the competitor in the next round of competition in the absence of a specific competitor.

  12. Runs from the ball passing through the club were unaffected (plus no credit was given to the individual striker).

  13. One or more holes were not played after the game was decided.

Sentences of BY
  1. The ■■■■ drove them miles away.

  2. This animal always hunts at night.

  3. For God's sake, at least I can do that.

  4. Partial selection

  5. Pass for the second round.

Synonyms of BY

next to, hard by, overlooking, by/at the side of, connecting with, nearest to, before, near, connected to, beside, bordering, attached to, adjoining, no later than, abreast of, close to, neighbouring, abutting, contiguous with


Meanings of CONTRACT:
  1. A written or oral agreement, specifically a lease, sale or lease agreement, the purpose of which is legal force.

  2. Decrease in size, number or scope.

  3. Sign a formal and legally binding agreement.

  4. Catching or preparing (disease or infectious agent)

Sentences of CONTRACT
  1. What is the contract with the club now?

  2. The glass shrinks when it cools.

  3. Three people are infected with the deadly virus.

  4. 3,300. Loan

Synonyms of CONTRACT

indenture, reach an agreement, settlement, reduce, run up, engagement, negotiate a deal, convention, be struck down with, go down with, deal, get smaller, concordat, catch, arrangement, understanding, decline, covenant, diminish, treaty, take ill with, shrivel, undertaking, shrink