Associated Enterprises

Associated Enterprises,

What is The Definition of Associated Enterprises?

  • Definition of Associated Enterprises: Typically, a company is affiliated when the same person directly or independently participates in the management, control or capital of both companies. H When both companies are under the same control.

Literal Meanings of Associated Enterprises


Meanings of Associated:
  1. (Through a person or thing) connected to something else.

Sentences of Associated
  1. Two related incidents

Synonyms of Associated

analogous, corresponding, connected, similar, linked, related, alike, correlated, kindred


Meanings of Enterprises:
  1. A project or company, especially a bold or complex project.

  2. A company or corporation

Sentences of Enterprises
  1. Joint venture between French and Japanese companies

  2. A government company

Synonyms of Enterprises

combine, concern, act, industry, firm, venture, deed, conglomerate, exploit, operation, cooperative, mission, agency, consortium, exercise, syndicate, activity, measure, office, bureau, action, corporation, move, group, company, partnership