Associated Condition

Associated Condition,

Associated Condition Meanings:

  • Meaning of Associated Condition: Any medical problem that is directly related to it and the cause is the underlying disease. This includes all medical conditions arising from the treatment of related diseases such as alternative therapies, diagnostic tests, medications and diet prescriptions.

Literal Meanings of Associated Condition


Meanings of Associated:
  1. (Through a person or thing) connected to something else.

Sentences of Associated
  1. Two related incidents

Synonyms of Associated

analogous, related, correlated, connected, linked, kindred, corresponding, similar, alike


Meanings of Condition:
  1. Having or determining a significant influence (shape or result of something)

  2. Bring (some) to the desired condition for use

  3. Apply conditioner to (hair)

  4. Set a condition before (something) happens or before it happens.

  5. The condition of an object in terms of appearance, quality or operational condition.

  6. Circumstances that affect the way people live or work, including their safety or well-being.

  7. A state that must exist or be possible or allowed before anything else.

Sentences of Condition
  1. National elections are subject to the international political economy.

  2. I style my hair regularly

  3. Wiring in good condition

  4. In order for a member to borrow money, three conditions must be met:

Synonyms of Condition

surroundings, treat, term, constrain, circumstances, nourish, qualification, season, rule, make ready, proviso, build up, state, govern, tone, tone up, temper, ready, order, stipulation, precondition, acclimatize, acclimate, control, adapt