Definition of Assize:

  1. US: Law or rule enacted by a legislative assembly, specially one regulating the measure, weight, or price of an article (such as bread) bought by the public.

  2. UK: Periodical session of a superior court held outside of the main cities. Abolished in 197.

  3. A court which formerly sat at intervals in each county of England and Wales to administer the civil and criminal law. In 1972 the civil jurisdiction of assizes was transferred to the High Court, and the criminal jurisdiction to the Crown Court.

Synonyms of Assize

Court of law, Law court, Bench, Bar, Court of justice, Judicature, Tribunal, Forum, Chancery, Assizes

How to use Assize in a sentence?

  1. In these circumstances the case would be heard in the common law courts of assizes, quarter sessions, or petty sessions.

Meaning of Assize & Assize Definition