Assistente Administrativo O Que Faz

Assistente Administrativo O Que Faz

Or what kind of administration? ۔

The professional management assistant focused on performing core activities in public and private companies.

Its Prince Disclaimers are used in writing:

Introduction and processing of correspondence payments.

Receipt of documents.

Receive calls.

Visit the public.

Archive of documents.

Calendar spells are updated on the phone and on campus.

Expertise in handling typewriters, from pocket calculators to copiers, camber and used programs.

Or what kind of administration?

An executive officer or professional residing in the management area of ​​the company gives exemption to the assistant or administrator in his normal activities and has no control over the financial management, administration, location.

Other occupations.



Special equipment

The relationship of magic

Computer christmas

Management views.

In the basics of legislation.

Administration Director No.

There are 44 twenty-one, paid R 2,294.81 and a normal rate of 40 فی per week. In order to approve a candidate, you must have new media.

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Meet the honeys handout

Preparation course for

Very good audience


Not working properly:

Messenger for public approval:

The Directorate of Public Administration agrees:

Assistente Administrativo O Que Faz