Definition of Assistant:

  1. A person who ranks below a senior person.

  2. An employee who helps a manager or other employee of higher rank with the completion of activities.

Synonyms of Assistant

Subordinate, Deputy, Auxiliary, Second, Second in command, Number two, Lieutenant, Right-hand man, Right-hand woman, Wingman, Aide, Personal assistant, PA, Attendant, Mate, Apprentice, Junior, Acolyte, Adjutant, Agent, Aid, Aide, Aide-de-camp, Aider, Ancilla, Assistant professor, Associate, Associate professor, Attendant, Attorney, Auxiliary, Benefactor, Best man, Co-worker, Coadjutant, Coadjutor, Coadjutress, Coadjutrix, Deputy, Emeritus, Employee, Executive officer, Factor, Fall guy, Flunky, Girl Friday, Help, Helper, Helpmate, Helpmeet, Henchman, Hired hand, Hired man, Hireling, Inferior, Instructor, Junior, Lecturer, Lieutenant, Man Friday, Mercenary, Minion, Myrmidon, Paranymph, Paraprofessional, Patsy, Pensioner, Professor, Professor emeritus, Proxy, Reader, Retired professor, Right-hand man, Second, Secondary, Servant, Sideman, Stooge, Striker, Subordinate, Subsidiary, Supporting actor, Supporting instrumentalist, Tutor, Underling, Understrapper, Visiting professor, Worker, Workfellow, Yokemate

How to use Assistant in a sentence?

  1. The managing director and his assistant.

Meaning of Assistant & Assistant Definition

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