Definition of Assignee:

  1. An assignee may be the recipient of an assignment, a liability or appointed to act in the stead of another person or entity. For example, an executor of an estate may be appointed through a will left by a decedent. Power of attorney may be assigned to a person to tend to certain affairs for a person while they are out of the country or not capable of taking action for themselves.

  2. Party to whom a power or property (and associated obligations and rights) are transferred by another (the assignor) under an assignment.

  3. A person to whom a right or liability is legally transferred.

  4. A person appointed to act for another.

  5. An assignee is a person, company or entity who receives the transfer of property, title or rights from a contract. The assignee receives the transfer from the assignor. For example, an assignee may receive the title to a piece of real estate from an assignor.

Synonyms of Assignee

Agent, Allottee, Almsman, Almswoman, Annuitant, Appointee, Assign, Attorney, Beneficiary, Candidate, Deputy, Devisee, Donee, Factor, Feoffee, Grantee, Legatary, Legatee, Licensee, Nominee, Patentee, Pensionary, Pensioner, Proxy, Selectee, Stipendiary, Heir, Heiress, Inheritor, Legatee

How to use Assignee in a sentence?

  1. Assignment results in the transfer from the assignor to the third-party assignee of the right to proceed directly against the debtor or obligor.
  2. In fact, it was the assignee of the legatee, but the difference is immaterial.

Meaning of Assignee & Assignee Definition