Definition of Assign:

  1. Designate or set (something) aside for a specific purpose.

  2. Give or transfer interest and/or responsibility to another in a manner the receiver (asignee) has the same obligations and rights as the giver (assignor).

  3. An assign is an act where clearing houses and brokerages select short option and future contract holders to deliver underlying securities. Underlying securities or commodities are delivered to maturing or exercised contrac.

  4. Transfer (legal rights or liabilities).

  5. An assign is done at random, meaning the counterparty the brokerage selects is done randomly. Not all contracts will typically be exercised or tendered, however. Those that need to be settled with the delivery of the underlying security are randomly assigned to brokerages that, in turn, randomly select which of their clients will be assigned.

  6. Allocate (a job or duty).

Synonyms of Assign

Earmark, Appropriate, Designate, Set aside, Set apart, Keep, Reserve, Abalienate, Accredit, Alien, Alienate, Allocate, Allot, Allow, Amortize, Apply, Appoint, Apportion, Appropriate, Appropriate to, Ascribe, Assign to, Associate, Attach, Attribute, Authorize, Barter, Bequeath, Carry over, Cede, Charge, Charter, Choose, Classify, Collocate, Commend, Commission, Commit, Communicate, Confer, Confide, Consign, Convey, Credit, Decide, Deed, Deed over, Define, Delegate, Deliver, Demise, Denominate, Deploy, Deport, Depute, Deputize, Designate, Destine, Detach, Detail, Determine, Devolute, Devolve, Devolve upon, Diffuse, Dispose, Disseminate, Distribute, Earmark, Emplace, Empower, Enfeoff, Entrust, Establish, Exchange, Expel, Export, Extradite, Fate, Fix, Get a fix, Give, Give homework, Give in charge, Give in trust, Give out, Give title to, Grant, Hand, Hand down, Hand forward, Hand on, Hand over, Home in on, Impart, Import, Impute, Indicate, Infeudate, Install, Lay, Lay down, License, Link, Localize, Locate, Lot, Make a syllabus, Make an assignment, Make assignments, Make over, Mark, Mark off, Mark out for, Mention, Metastasize, Metathesize, Mete out, Mission, Name, Navigate, Negotiate, Nominate, Ordain, Order, Ordinate, Pass, Pass on, Pass over, Pass the buck, Perfuse, Pick out, Pigeonhole, Pin down, Pinpoint, Place, Point out, Portion off, Position, Post, Prescribe, Put, Put down, Put in place, Refer, Relate, Relay, Relegate, Remand, Remise, Remit, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict to, Schedule, Second, Select, Sell, Send out, Set, Set a task, Set apart, Set aside, Set hurdles, Set off, Settle, Settle on, Sign away, Sign over, Signify, Situate, Specialize, Specify, Spot, Spread, State, Stipulate, Surrender, Switch, Tab, Tag, Trade, Transfer, Transfer property, Transfuse, Translate, Translocate, Transmit, Transplace, Transplant, Transpose, Triangulate, Trust, Turn over, Warrant, Zero in on, Allocate, Allot, Give, Set, Transfer, Make over, Give, Pass, Hand over, Hand down, Convey, Consign, Alienate

How to use Assign in a sentence?

  1. Congress assigned the task to the agency.
  2. Managers happily assign large sums of money to travel budgets.
  3. They will ask you to assign your rights against the airline.

Meaning of Assign & Assign Definition

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