Asset mix

Asset mix,

Definition of Asset mix:

  1. Asset mix breakdowns are one aspect of regular investment reporting. Fund managers provide investors with detailed percentages invested by each asset category in the portfolio. The market value of investments from each asset category is represented as a percentage of the total portfolio. Thus, the comprehensive mix of assets will equal 100% and show the breakdown of investments across the entire portfolio.

  2. The asset mix is the breakdown of all assets within a fund or portfolio. Broadly, assets can be assigned to one of the core asset classes: stocks, bonds, cash, and real estate. An asset mix breakdown helps investors understand the composition of a portfolio.

  3. Percentage of an investment portfolio that is invested in each of the three major classes of assets: (1) cash and equivalents, (2) fixed income instruments (bonds, debenture, notes) and, (3) equity instruments (common stock or ordinary shares).

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