Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO)

Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO),

Definition of Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO):

  • Asset Management (ALCO), also known as Surplus Management, is a control group that coordinates the management of assets and liabilities for the purpose of making a reasonable profit. By managing a company's assets and liabilities, executives can influence earnings, which can translate into higher stock prices.

    • The Assets and Liabilities Committee (ALCO) is responsible for overseeing the management of the assets or liabilities of the company or bank.
    • ALCO's Board of Directors or Management Level provides Management Information System (MIS) and oversight to effectively assess risks on and off the organization's balance sheet.
    • ALCO's strategies, policies and procedures should be linked to the Board's goals, objectives and risk tolerance for operational standards.
    • One of the goals of ALCO is to ensure sufficient liquidity while managing the gap between the bank's interest income and interest expenses.

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