Asset Classes

Asset Classes,

Asset Classes:

  1. A simple definition of Asset Classes is: There are different types of assets available to investors. For example, stock, cash, fixed interest or immovable property.

  2. Asset Classes refers to Valuable assets are divided into 7 asset classes.

Literal Meanings of Asset Classes


Meanings of Asset:
  1. A useful or valuable thing, a person or a quality.

Sentences of Asset
  1. Immediate reflexes are your greatest asset

Synonyms of Asset

long suit, attractive feature, advantage, aid, blessing, bonus, benefit, good point, resource, boon, selling point, strong suit, strength, talent, attraction, merit, forte, value, recommendation, beauty, strong point, virtue, help, gift


Meanings of Classes:
  1. Assign or assume they fall into a particular category

  2. A set or category of things that have the same characteristics or characteristics and are different from others in terms of gender, type or quality.

  3. A system of organizing a society in which people are divided into groups based on their social or economic status.

  4. A group of students or schools studying together.

  5. Show a nice edge.

Sentences of Classes
  1. Behavior marked as ■■■■■■■■

  2. Good accommodation for this excellent hotel

  3. Classes that are socially backward

Synonyms of Classes

kind, group, marvellous, excellent, study group, wonderful, sort, expert, superb, rate, genre, echelon, very good, form, virtuoso, grouping, social order, fine, masterly, band, order, magnificent, skilful, adept, set, consummate