Definition of Assessor:

  1. Government official who determines the value of a property for property taxes, or for levying on the orders of a court. See also loss assessor.

  2. An assessor is a local government official who determines the value of a property for local real estate taxation purposes. The figures assessors derive are used to calculate future property taxes. The assessor estimates the value of real property within a city or town’s boundaries. This value is converted into an assessment, which is one component in the computation of real property tax bills.

  3. Assessors are government officials who maintain annual assessments at a uniform percentage of market value. An assessor signs an oath to this effect when certifying the tentative assessment roll. The assessment roll is a document containing each property assessment. Each year assessors are required to keep current the physical description, inventory, and value estimate of every parcel.

  4. A person who evaluates the quality of a person or thing.

Synonyms of Assessor

Internal Revenue Service, JA, Amicus curiae, Appraiser, Assayer, Barmaster, Cartographer, Chancellor, Chorographer, Circuit judge, Customhouse, Customs, Estimator, Evaluator, Exciseman, Farmer, Gauger, Geodesist, Judge advocate, Judge ordinary, Jurat, Justice in eyre, Justice of assize, Land surveyor, Lay judge, Legal assessor, Master, Measurer, Meter, Military judge, Oceanographer, Ombudsman, Ordinary, Police judge, Presiding judge, Probate judge, Publican, Puisne judge, Recorder, Revenuer, Surveyor, Tax assessor, Tax collector, Tax farmer, Taxer, Taxman, Topographer, Valuator, Valuer, Vice-chancellor

How to use Assessor in a sentence?

  1. An assessor is an expert who determines the appropriate valuation of an asset or property, often for purposes of taxation.
  2. Assessors estimate taxable as well as fair market value based on several objective and subjective measures.
  3. To become an assessor, you must be trained and certified. Certification requirements vary by state and municipality.

Meaning of Assessor & Assessor Definition